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Survivor Season 23 Preview: Off to the South Pacific!

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When CBS unveils its fall schedule this week, there will be plenty of changes and new shows.

But one constant will be Survivor, as the show returns for its 23rd season. This time, Jeff Probst will take contestant to the South Pacific, where two castaways will be returning cast members; and where Redemption Island will once again play a role.

Survivor: South Pacific will premiere in September, but you can get your first look at it now:

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I live in New Zealand and saw the finale last night too. Huge congrats to Boston Rob! He really deserved the win. I'm a huge fan of him and Amber. It was great to see her at the reunion show. Thanks also to Grant for supplying some serious eye candy this season. You were my second pic for the win, buddy :0


Go Rob!! Best played game ever!! And thank goodness they didn't do the rites of passage as that has to be the boring-est bit ever.( NZ watcher too!)


I live in New Zealand and just saw Boston Rob just win. I admore his win. My annoyance is that they got rid of the rite of passage...I used to love that part of the series and this time they didnt have it....frustrating.


Rob won because he had an unfair advantage over
The other players. I would have liked to see someone else win.
Especially since Amber already won the million.


Congrats Rob! You really deserved to win Survivor this time around!
And a near perfect game; that's something be proud of!
Also, I hope Matt gets a 2nd chance in Survivor S23 'cause he's a great competitor, but didn't get a chance to play the real game. It's a great idea to bring back 2 returning players for each new season, because it gives people a sense of familiarity and excitement to see someone they know from previous seasons. And, that way it'll give the new players a chance to warm up to their audience so people will stay hooked to the show.


Congratulations Rob. I love Rob and Amber. I watched season 23 because of him. Im so happy that he finally won $1M. Hopefully in the future, there will be Survivor: Couple Alliance, and can invite Rob and Amber and other Survivor couples. I think that would be great. And the winner is a couple.


Great season loved every episode of redemption island. 2 castaways from season 22 or what? If so please bring matt back


Congratulations to Boston Rob.I am a great fan of
Survivor Redemption Island has been one of my favorites.Rob played this game with great skill. He used everything he had learned from the previous shows for his advantage. This episode really kept me on the edge of my seat at times. Great job Rob you really deserved to be the winner.

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