The Good Wife Season Finale Promo: When One Door Closes ...

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In the second season finale of The Good Wife next Tuesday, Alicia and Kalinda must put aside their strained relationship and rush to prove their client's innocence of murder.

Meanwhile, after all they've been through, Alicia and Peter reach a crossroads, and at the same time, she and Will reach a turning point in their own relationship.

When one door closes, another opens.

In Alicia's case, this old adage may prove correct literally and otherwise. Watch the promo for "Closing Arguments" below and see why:

Emotions will be running high when this terrific season of television - one that may well result in an Emmy for Julianna Margulies - comes to a close next week.

To catch up on how we got here, read our Good Wife review from last night. Then sound off in the comments on how you think the season finale will play out.

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I have not enjoyed a show so much since the demise of West Wing.I cannot comprehend why this show is not on everyone's top of the list. It really is the only tv show I watch.


@Melissa: I completely agree with you. I think all this passionate fighting is a bit useless. Everyone can give their opinion about Peter/Will but in the end, no one is really right, because the characters are supposed to be realistic, which means they're not perfect. There is no obvious choice, just like in real life, and if some people don't agree with me, I'm fine with it, it's normal. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone had the same opinion? I understand some viewers think the moral aspect is very important, but I think this show is first of all a story, and not a guideline. The writers aren't trying to convince us to leave our spouse for someone else, they're just telling a moving story about a woman who used to be the perfect housewife, and had to take control over her life to survive, and how she took control, and the choices she had (has still) to make. In my opinion, the title of the show doesn't say that "The Good Wife" is a rule book to help women have the perfect conduct as a wife whatever the situation. I think it is about how a woman had to stop being just the shadow behind her husband to become her own self, and the changes it brings into her life. It so happens that these changes are rather pushing her away than bringing her back (at the moment). It could have been that she would stay with Peter, but the writers have decided for now that she would go to someone else for story's sake. But she could well change her mind as soon as Tuesday as far as I know. Don't you hate it if a show's characters are utterly predictable, and they don't have flaws (or just one tiny pretext-flaw) and they always make the right choice, and everything is always good and ends well? When lawyers, and cops, and juges, and politicians are little saints? When the main character is Mr/Mrs/Miss perfect and all the others are the most evil people on earth? Wouldn't it look just...artificial? Who would watch such a show, or read such a book? I understand some would, but in that case, they shouldn't watch the good wife, because it's more subtle than that, sorry guys. And again, if you don't agree with me, say it, but stay open to discussion (wether you're a pro Peter or a pro Will or a pro no-one). I've seen some agressive messages on this site in the past, it's a pity.


As much as I enjoy the arguments about who is morally right, it also makes me laugh. Because that is exactly the writers intentions. No one is going to win this argument because everyone is meant to be morally "gray". For me, though, I don't really care who is "right". I am Team Will not because I think Peter is a horrible person with unreedeamable qualities and Will is "the Man". It's because, like said before, I want to see Alicia's journey and I think that involves exploring her feelings for Will, as well as maybe other people too. I am not dumb: I don't think, come series end, Alicia and Will will end up together. But that's ok. For me, The Good Wife is an escape from my real life. Which is wonderful, but everyone likes to escape. So I don't care if I agree with the characters morally, I just want to be entertained. I don't think the Team Peter people are wrong, I just feel like some people are too limited by what they think the show "should" be and not what it "can" be. I am excited by the new storylines that can come out of taking the show in a slightly different direction.


yes, finally what the fans want !


As this closing arguments I would like to know what Alicia is waiting for, why is she holding back on moving forward with the divorce. I think the answer is simple she is going to get back at Peter by fooling around with Will then he is going to drop the bomb on her where it really hurts. This will play out to a complete reconsile of their marriage and family where she wanted for sometime but couldn't see clearly past the past from college to the present day.
Down t he road the writers will be throwing a bunch of monkey wrenches at us if they get another season.


I liked the show till the writers went to far with all the deceit of nobody trusting anyone, and then trying to push the Alicia/Will down are throats. As a fictional story they should try and put together a big scandel that would rock the Lockhart & Gardiner firm and run head on into a total meltdown and breakup, where the SA office prosacutes key people including Alicia with outcomes being fines jailtime and disbarrment. Then lets see where everybodys allegance is then, we will probably be seeing the reverse of I'm sorry coming from guess who.
But who knows what the networks and CBS are going to do to the future of this show, they are one of 3 with 2 being canceled and awards don't come into play money does.


"But I feel if they take this in that direction that it will take away from the title." Again: the title is meant to be IRONIC! Why won't people listen to the writers about that? Why do people insist the storyline takes away from the title? The show is about Alicia's YOURNEY after the scandall. Jeez, I truly wished they would have chosen one of the other 150 titles they've been thinking about so I wouldn't have to read comments like the above from people.


I believe the tittle should stand behind the person she is, it should ALLOW her & Peter to be REDEEEMED!!!


I personally don't think Felicia & Will should hook up TOTAL OPPOSITE of each other!


I have enjoyed these first 2 seasons. The title to me said it all "The Good Wife." Alot happened between Alicia and Peter. And Alicia stood somewhat by Peter. The writers could have written that she divorce Peter but they didn't. I really like Julianna Margulics, that is why I started watching the Good Wife. And I have enjoyed the direction that the story line was going. To a point, I don't feel that Will and Alicia are right for each. I may start watching the 3 season in the fall. But depending on where it goes with them, it maybe short lived. But as with any show or soap show the writers don't listen to the viewers/fans. They will do what they want. But I feel if they take this in that direction that it will take away from the title. It will no longer be the good wife. I understand how Alicia felt finding out about Peter and Kalinda. But as Kalinda pointed out it was before she knew anything about Alicia. And it happened one time. With the hooker it was more than once and there were pictures all over the internet. Now come on. They had become very close friends. I didn't like what they did to them. That was just wrong. but who am I? I'm just a viewer who doesn't have to watch the show. and if I don't care for the next season's storyline I won't be watching. I can tell by all this the the viewers are divided here. So I'm glad I'm not a writer. the Good Wife meant something. And if she does with Will, that title will mean nothing. It'll just be another title.

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Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

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