True Blood Spoilers: Werewolves vs. Vampires vs. Fairies!

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Creatures galore will populate Bon Temps on season four of True Blood.

But Joe Manganiello tells TV Guide the various supernatural beings in town won't exactly be getting along.

"There's going to be a lot of people not getting along," says the actor who plays Alcide. "The witches are starting trouble with the vampires, and the werewolves, of course, don't like the vampires, either. And the fairies don't like the vampires."

Season 3 Finale Scene

Don't expect many alliances on the new season of True Blood.

Among other teases we can reveal about season four, which premieres on HBO on June 26:

  • A lot more of Lafayette and Jesus. Says Kevin Alejandro of his character: "Lafayette and I go on a huge adventure where some unfortunate things happen."
  • Some serious shape-shifting for Sam and Tommy. Previews Marshall Allman: "Tommy takes shape-shifting to a whole other level with a unique wild-card creature that will prove to be a game-changer in Bon Temps' supernatural power play."

Intriguing enough for you? Discuss these spoilers and more in our True Blood forum!

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Big Time spoiler...Tommy's alive!?!? Last we seen, Sam shot him, I should of guessed he wouldn't be dead like when Jason was shot by Mrs. Newell, it was only a paint gun. I'M TIRED OF WAITING!!!


hey lawrence... i think what you are trying to say is season four right :D i have checked the link you gave and works fine thank you


i hope Sookie could stay with Bill forever. I think it is the best choice.Looking forward season4�


This book is the BEST out of the series in my opinion, so I'm hoping this season will be the best also. I know True Blood doesn't go exactly as played out in the books, which a lot of the times turns out pretty awesome for them, i think i read a couple different places that they want to stay true to this book. why? because this story line is fun & exciting & action packed! i cannot wait for this season to air!!! :)


I think the faries are going to be under estimated because we have only seen a nice side to them. I think they're a lot more powerful and have as much as an evil side as people think.


Season 1 was GREAT, season 2 was HORRIBLE, season 3 great...only because of Franklin. Oh god, now fairies? we'll have to see?

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