Who Should Replace Christopher Meloni on Law & Order: SVU?

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Law & Orer SVU fans are still dealing with the news that Christopher Meloni is exiting after 12 seasons.

But you know what they say: when NBC closes a detective door, it opens a window. In other words: let's stop worrying about the past and take stock of the future.

With Meloni gone and Mariska Hargitay cutting back her episode order next season, the long-running show has a chance to re-invent itself. Who should take over the lead male role?

Chris Meloni on SVU

Only one name comes to my mind: Michael Chiklis.

He starred in arguably the greatest cop show in history (The Shield), No Ordinary Family was canceled after just one season, and his CBS pilot was not picked up. The actor is certainly available. And he can clearly bring it in every conceivable sense: action, drama, comedy (he once guest-starred on Seinfeld, people!)

That's my pick. Who is yours? Below is a list of names - some serious, others not; some young, others old - from which to choose:

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My wife and thought about this and we came up with the names Jason Issacs (her) and Esai Morales (me)


Replace him with Erik Palladino or Enrique Murciano.


NBC is not the bad guy here its all Meloni


I'm not a fan of anyone replacing him but if anyone were to replace Christopher Meloni, Michael Chiklis or Wentworth Miller would be good choice. And considering Wentworth Miller has appeared on SVU as a cop, it would work. However, if NBC were smart about it, they'd hire him back.


anyone can be replace


No one can replace Christopher Meloni. No one.


Someone who not byepolar


no one I like him in it

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