Will Charlie/Ivy and Dan Hook Up on Gossip Girl?

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She already sort of got with him before her odd request killed the mood, but will Charlie (or should we say Ivy) hook up with Dan for real next season on Gossip Girl?

That's one of many questions surrounding new series regular Kaylee DeFer.

While Ivy, who was Charlie before we knew she was Ivy, wasn't who she made herself out to be, the producers certainly made sure we saw her chemistry with Dan.

So what are the prospects for a more sustained go-around next season?

Call Her Serena

“They’ve been pointing me at Dan, so… maybe I’ll stay with him,” Kaylee mused to TV Line's Matt Mitovich. “The girls on the show tend to bop around [from guy to guy]."

"But maybe I’m the only faithful one?”

Romance aside, DeFer says that there will be “all sorts of drama boiling” at the hands of Ivy, hired by Carol to pose as Serena’s cousin, as revealed in the Season 4 finale.

Will the truth come out? Will the real Charlie come forward? Would you like to see Ivy with Dan, or have you still not given up hope for Dair - or Derena - just yet?

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DERENA for life! *fingers crossed*


Dan and Charlie forever


I seriously hope Gossip girl do not put Dan with that crazy ass Charlie/Ivy after she told him to call her Serena right as they we're about to get busy even if she was playing a role I'm really not sure why she will return only to stir up trouble as we know she kept some of the checks and she has Georgina's number I think it is sweet how alot of fans still believe in Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair look all I have to say to that is it is time to move on both couples had 2 to 3 seasons with each other but Serena couldn't make her mind up between Dan or Nate she is the most indecisive person and then Chuck he had to go have sex with Jenny Blair had alway's loved him practically begged him to say I Love U for 2 seasons so forgive me if I'm not happy about a Derena / Chair reunion they will alway's love each other but that doesn't mean they belong together forever I Loved Season 4 simply because GG finally let Dan and Blair become closer and I saw how good they could be together they do have chemistry and things in common they are the two most intelligent on the show and Blair has alway's disliked Dan personally I think it was just pretend she alway's seemed to listen to him his advice about chuck and they made a good team when going after Georgina and Juliet they so remind me of Pacey and Joey of Dawson's Creek Dan challenges Blair he doesn't take her bullshit and only those two can tease each other and laugh about it I never new Blair had so many teeth with Chuck all she ever did was cry I feel when Season 5 returns that Blair will most likely read Dan's book and realize it is about them and even if the others are pissed she will be an ally for Dan as for Vanessa what the fuck is she going to take his profit made from the book or give it to him In all honesty I don't care who they put Serena,Chuck,Nate or anyone else so long as DAN and BLAIR finally get together I LOVE their scenes together they so make me laugh DAIR ALL THE WAY!!!!!!




dair for life!


If Blair is Zelda then I can only hope that she doesn't end up schizophrenic and dying in a fire while at The Ostroff Center.


Remember when "Charlie" compared Dan's writing style to Fitzgerald? I'm wondering if Serena is Dan's Ginevra King and Blair is his Zelda?


anything to stop a dair reunion !!!! chuck dating ivy/charlie is just stupid ... i mean he doesn't have to hook up wiht everyone ! i want the writers to put chuck and blair back together but that's not the way to do it !!!!!! hey maybe go a different way and let the prince and ivy/charlie date it'll be completely crazy and silly but it is gossip girl and it will cause a huge shock for fans ? plus it will send blair back to chuck without making him seem like a jerk !!!


Derena rocks! I've always dreamed of them to be a perfect couple and they should just hook up again nearly the last season and be just like that. Please please Dan and Blair? Nonsense!


I also think Charlie/Ivy should hook up with Nate. I'm not a huge fan of her, but she should definitely hook up with Nate.

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