Will NBC Pick Up Wonder Woman (Updated)?

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One of the most-talked about pilots of the 2011-12 development season may not even make it to air. Wonder Woman's future on NBC is considered murky at best.

The old saw about any publicity being good publicity may not apply to TV pilot season. Wonder Woman garnered major buzz, but a lot of that buzz wasn't glowing.

Here's a list of reasons why the David E. Kelley project may not be picked up:

Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman
  • Audiences take superheroes seriously, making the kitschy WW a harder sell.
  • Back in the day, a female superhero was a novel concept. Not any longer.
  • Fans seemed to dislike the costume worn by Adrianne Palicki.
  • Test screenings garnered mixed-to-negative reviews.
  • TV remakes have a mediocre track record.

Nevertheless, it's got big name recognition going for it, and one of new NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt's first moves was to order this pilot, so who knows.

A decision is expected this week or next. What do you think? Should the network green-light Wonder Woman or look in a different direction this fall?

UPDATE: The answer to our headline question is NO. NBC has officially chosen not to pick up the series.

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Give Wondy a chance ! There have been no really outstanding live - action superhero / heroine shows since the 70's or 80's, not counting " Smallville " ( w / was better when Michael Rosenbaum was a regular, IMHO ). But please, her costume looks like a kids' Halloween costume. It looks cheap.


Ya, good idea Doc, replacing Smallville (you will be miss) with Wonder Woman.


Maybe he should take it to another network... Maybe the CW would take it after the success of Smallville... I was looking forward to it actually...


I would have given it a chance. Also, her costume probably looks weird because of the layout. If you saw her moving in it and stuff, it could have look totally different.


They should air the pilot to see how the ratings are. That's what they did with the original Wonder Woman series starring Lynda Carter. They aired 3 different pilots, and the ratings were through the roof. They had no choice, but to make it a regular series, and it turned out to be one of the best tv shows of all time.


After hearing what the pilot episode is like, I'm gonna have to pass: http://exm.nr/mhtUK5


David Kelley making a version of Wonder Woman is like Joss Whedon doing a version of Picket Fences.


I am for giving the show a chance. Let the audience decided once its there. There hasn't been a show since the 70's and only endless speculation about a movie version. Let's see the show and go from there!

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