90210 Season Four Spoilers: An Arrest and a Contest

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90210 will be without a couple of regulars on season four. But fans hope the frustrating series won't be without major drama and suspense.

Along those lines, TV Guide has teased a trio of spoilers for new episodes ahead, which kick off September 13. Look for the following developments to take place:

  1. Naomi gets arrested.
  2. Dixon moves into the girls dormitory.
  3. Marla's family contests the will.

Yes, folks, a storyline for Dixon! Which of these arcs look most appealing?

Cheers to Christmas

We'll toast to more 90210 action for this character.

Gaby ee

Naomi gets arrested? Well, that sounds really interesting. Naomi is my favorite character, and I'm so glad she will continue to have entertaining storylines in college (and hopefully is NOT pregnant!)


It's a will, you just don't get to contest a will. Leave the dead be, for crying out loud, lol.


so far, N-O-N-E of the spoilers really interest me. :/


Naomi arrested? What happened to her being pregnant?


I knew Marla's family was gonna do something to Annie... rich bastereds! can't annie ever get a break?


^bad(ly) acted


Naomi Getting Arrested as anything involving Annie or Dixon is boring/irrelevant/stupid/bad acted/badly written.


Sept 13 stop the torture


When am I going to start hearing some spoilers about Adrianna? I couldn't care less about Navid's family, Naomi getting arrested, Dixon moving into a girls' dormitory, Marla's greedy family, etc. All I really want to know is whether Ade will become a better person, or if she'll remain a manipulative psycho.


Naomi getting arested, what will this girl do for Love! Dixon will probably be a handyman, and fix things around the house and so infiltrate the house! Annie and the money a big no goooo! This girl doesn't have luck in the money department! But I think she won't lose everything she will have the house ;) !

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.