Blake Lively Caught Up in Naked Photo Scandal?!

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A scandalous set of photos purported to be Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively surfaced late yesterday. Yes, we're serious, although her rep denies it's her.

The pictures "are 100 percent FAKE," the rep claims, noting that "Blake has never taken nude photos of herself" and may pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and those that have done so subsequently.

On the one hand ...

  • We'd be very surprised if Blake were caught up in this. She's a smart girl, seemingly grounded, self-aware and wary of being caught up in scandals.
  • Only one of the five photos shows her face.

On the other hand ...

  • It does look like her face in that one photo.
  • The photos all appear to be the same girl.
  • Stranger things have happened.

If you want to see, THG has the (censored) Blake Lively photos ...

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Common. This poor girl just started dating Leo and seems to be having the time of her life; whether or not it's real (looks fake to me) it doesn't matter and y'all shouldn't be embarrassing her. What has she done to you? (talking of course to the media, not to bystanders in this forum.)


its an old picture. you can see her here with the same iphone on set.

Tanky girl

I agree with NS4eva. Besides, this sort of thing happens to celebrities all the time. If she says it's fake, I think she deserves the benefit of the doubt.


AND leaking celebrity naked pictures is getting old and so habitual that it doesn't even make a diference anymore! better come up with new ideas guys.... :/


And I'm totally there with you @Chase?!!! Why can't Chace leak some naked pictures of him??? LOL :D


110% FAKE! Why? Blake does not have that brown spot above her boobs, the eyebrows don't match Blake's, the hand holding the cell-phone doesn't match Blake's, observing the proportions of the objects in the environment you can tell that the girl isn't as tall as Blake is, manipulating pics is very easy and if it was really Blake they wouldn't need to hide her face or make it blurry, it would be clear as a normal picture! Not convinced? Ask Penn Badgley!! He must be able to tell the difference! :)


What makes me doubt this more, is the pic looks like old Blake, pre surgury, but the phone is the latest Iphone that got release like a month ago. The two don't match up


Its so funny reading other girls bashing Lively's pictures. I BET you don't come close to having even those legs. Piss off, haters. She is effing beautiful.


@steve totally agree at least Taylor doesn't have nude photos floating aroung.
@Chase? that would be my dream come true but its so much less likely that a guy would take a naked pic... then again josh from drake and josh has naked pics out there so who knows.... maybe one day... lets hope.
@NS4evaneva i was also looking at that i was like since when does blake have a mole on her chest... very suspicious but then again she could have had it removed so who knows.


These pictures are hers.


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