Blake Lively on Rumors: Just Keep Your Head Down ...

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Blake Lively appeared on Today this morning to promote Green Lantern and was asked about how she copes with all the rumors going around the Internet.

That's a nice way of asking about the elephant in the room. No one mentioned the Blake Lively nude pictures specifically, but the implication was clear.

Between that and reports of Blake dating Leonardo DiCaprio, there's a whole lot of Lively gossip these days! How does the actress handle the scrutiny?

In a word: Persevere.

Blake in a Blue Dress

“You know, getting into this business, [it's] what comes into it,” Blake told Today. “You do it for the art, and for the wonderful work that we get to do."

"Otherwise, you keep your head down, you keep to yourself.”

The Gossip Girl star also discussed Green Lantern, which co-stars Ryan Reynolds, and how her character, Carol, gets to keep the superhero in line.

“Having someone like Ryan Reynolds, you’re hard-pressed to find someone who’s as witty and more charming than him,” she said, adding that she has great chemistry with him, but that most people have great chemistry with Ryan.

The movie opens this Friday.

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OMG i LOVE her blue dress! I want it!


She's 1,74cm :D


Gotta love her :-) Also, I had no idea how tall she was until I saw her towering over everyone on the Today show!

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