Chyler Leigh Teases Transitional Grey's Anatomy Season Ahead

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Are Mark and Lexie over for good on Grey's Anatomy? Yes? No? Maybe?

To hear Chyler Leigh tell it ... we're still not sure. But the actress did open up about the subject along with other Grey's Anatomy topics in a chat with TV Line.

Some excerpts from her talk with Matt Webb Mitovich appear below:


On whether Lexie is really digging Jackson or just using him as a distraction from Mark: "Well, it’s a complicated situation. As far as Jackson goes, they have so many similarities ... They’re both very driven, they’re both up-and-coming in their careers."

"They’re into the same things, and there’s something that’s really refreshing about that for her. He obviously really cares about her, and she really cares about him, so there’s that blossoming of something new. But yeah, there is a distraction [element to it]."

On who needs to grow up, Lexie or Mark: "I say Mark, but you know - whatever!"

On Lexie's reaction when Mark stepped aside: "I was very careful in the way that I chose to play that, because I didn’t want there to be too much of her searching him, saying, 'No, tell me to stay!' She had to make a decision for herself."

“[She had to say], You know what, this isn’t where I’m at. I’m with somebody who makes me happy, and who I can see some sort of a future with and still be able to focus on my career and not have to worry about being some step-mom.”

On the season ahead, which may be the last for some original stars: "The great thing about the show in general is that it has so much legroom to continue to grow. You can continually bring in new characters, so it’s an ER situation in a sense."

"There’s always someone coming in, the prospect of interns, the residents now having interns, which we really haven’t gotten to see yet ... There’s a lot of room for new storylines and growth. I can represent the Grey [in Grey's Anatomy], I’m not going anywhere!"

Follow the above link to TV Line's full interview with Chyler!

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Nice Article


Bring on Seattle Grace. Keep Lexie, Mark, Callie, Arizona, April, Jackson, Teddy and Owen, they are the new guys. Hopefully ABC and Shonda will have discussions with the actors who play Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Alex, Miranda and Richard as their contracts are all about to expire and they will need to renegotiate a new one. Let's hope this year's Grey's Anatomy is totally awesome and it's renewed for another 5 years, because anything less would be a waste of time to stay around when the actors could go on and make more money doing other things. I have everything crossed that these actors are given a good deal and come back for a few more years. Let's see our interns go on to do their fellowships and finish the series with them all being offered positions as Attendings in other hospitals. You could to a spin-off of either Cristina or Alex, in their chosen field. I'd watch it for sure.


I love Lexie but if she has to take over in Grey's Anatomy then she has a lot of growing up to do. She doesn't have to be completley mature but like be more careful and stuff. I think she's not ready at the moment but who knows? Maybe at the end of season 8, Lexie might change my mind.


GAfan I think you're right, that way it would make sense,... I really hope they dont make lexie the new grey, that would be ridiculous, like meredith once said lixie was raised with smiley posters on the wall, and she's too imature, she needs to grow up and stop being so neurotic, so in my point of view it wouldn't be interesting at all, besides I dont think Chyler has half of the presence ellen pompeo has, she's the reason the show became so popular on the first place.. that's what I think...


I hope Shonda is brave enough to rename the show Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after S8 of GA hes finished. Then the new programme will have it's own identity and MerDer's leaving won't make any difference cos SGMWH will have to establish it's own fan base! I know that isn't going to happen. LOL


shonda, if season 8 is the last with the original cast, please go big or go home!


think it's time to jump up and down, throw a temper tantrum to get what we want. No bugger that didn't work.
Please TV Fanatic could you please try and get interviews with Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, and Chandra Wilson and get their thoughts on what they would like the characters to do in season 8.


I figured it out! to write Alex off the show, they could bring Izzie back for like one more episode at the end of the season and she oculd ask him to come back with her. They oculd keep the couple together like they were always supposed to be and not need to worry about keep Heigl on the show. Wouldn't that be awesome?


to save the show they must bring back burke or izzy


if ellen leaves next season please end GREYS anatomy in a high note and make a spin-off with the other character since aparently there are people interested in seeing that. i'm sorry but people who say they will wacth it dont get this show at all

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