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I hope Grey's starts out with a bang next season! I would hate for Grey's not get renewed based on a crappy season because of Shonda and the writers. They need to step it up. I hope someone at abc told her to step it up. Sh needs to write the premiere.But E.R had a slow start after the originals left but it still managed to have 15 ABC will probably keep it on the air for two to three more years just to prove a point.


If Meredith and Derek were to leave, I'm ready for Lexie to take over. Some people may not like it, but Lexie is a Grey and if they get a season 9, I'm more than ready to watch it focus on Lexie. After all, it is her 5th year on the, it'll be her 6th if they get a season 9. So it's not like they're bringing in a complete stranger.


To me, Lexie is the main character, I know she's not, but she's my favourite and when she's in a scene, I'm instantly interested. Mark and Lexie are so much better than Lexie and Jackson.

And I know everyone loves Meredith and I used to, but she's gotten boring.


There is only one other instance I can remember where such a huge fan base like Mark/Lexie was so completely ignored. Their fans have been screaming for SR to put them back together yet time and time again, those fans get royally screwed as Shonda does what she does best - lies through her damn teeth. I follow some spoilers, like this site, once in a while but I quit watching the show over this. Enough is enough. Lexie and Jackson are being protrayed as being so similar - but that much similarity is a boring relationship to watch. While I think Shonda went way too far making Mark the father of callie's baby (and I'm deathly sick of the callie and arizona show) the differences between him and Lexie and the fact the they truly love each other are what made them perfect.


mark NEEDED to grow up...not it's Lexie turn. She'll become a step-mom if she decides to stay with Mark, she needs to learn how to deal with it don't you think?


Although I like Lexie, there is only one Grey I'm really interested in watching. So if majority of original characters leave, I'll probably be out too. I love Grey's, but every good thing has to come to an end, right? I just hope they don't drag it out for another 7 seasons like ER...


Chyler is doing a really great Job by playing the neurotic Lexie! But I don't see her as a lead character!
I love the show but if MerDer leaves I will not be a stalker anymore!
And I hope their end Marks love story and bring him an Arizona for him!


Mer is the true grey, not lexie !!!! ECK.

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