Glee Season 3 to Focus on "Character, Character, Character"

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It sounds like Ryan Murphy has heard the complaints.

With fans upset over the lack of storyline direction and character direction on season two, the Glee creator has hired a new writing staff - and also promised to make changes.

"Season 2 was definitely about bigger, better, flashier. And I loved so much about Season 2," Murphy tells Michael Slezak. "But Season 3 we decided is going to be character, character, character... we’re not going to have any guest stars. And we’re going to do fewer songs.”

Watching Fellow Members

Among other promising spoilers revealed by Murphy (read the full interview at TV Line):

  • There will be "amazing" stories for Mercedes, Tina and Mike.
  • Sue Sylvester will get a love interest and a "20-episode arc" that will have her... run for Congress!
  • It's unknown at this time of Blaine, Sam and Lauren will all be returning.
  • He remained steadfast that characters will graduate in the spring, but seemed open to the idea of a spin-off.

What do you think of these tidbits and answers, Gleeks? Do they give you hope for season three?

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wasn't anne hathaway supposed to guest star as kurt's aunt?


Well Blaine is back but Sam is out, now conflicted as to be happy or sad. I'm both so I'll have to be neutral :|


what? they lose blaine they lose a gleek.


Don't get rid of Blaine! Darren criss♥


Oooo cant wait for season 3, hope we get to see lots of Finn n Rachel really missed watchin them together in season 2!! I think they should follow a few of the characters after school if they are goin to graduate, the show wont be the same without Rachel, Finn, Puck n Quinn. Either keep them in school or follow them to see what they do after. I dont think i'll be watchin it if all those 4 aren't in it anymore. They could have a college or uni show choir lol!!!!! Cant wait for the next 1 so roll on season 3!!!!!!


This is awesome ! And hw can sam blain and lauren not return its plain insanity ! And pleeeeeeeease , try producing more episodes this time its sad enough that season 1 and 2 only had 22episode(quite a little) ! I'm actually hoping that non of them graduates ! They fine as they are


oh wait, Blaine was a senior... so he's in college now.


I love this.
They should definitely do a spin-off with Rachel and Puck since they are my favorite characters and are graduating :D
Also Sam and Blaine better be coming back. I don't really care for Lauren.


What the hell do you mean Sam, Blaine and Lauren might not be there??


All the changes sound good except "It's unknown at this time if Blaine, Sam and Lauren will all be returning". WHAT?! No! They are among my favourite characters. The show would die without Blaine's beautiful voice, Sam's trouty mouth and bad-ass Lauren.

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