Gossip Girl Caption Contest 161

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Thank you to all participants in this week's Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Provided with the juicy material of Vanessa on a cell phone, readers did not disappoint, submitting numerous references to this character's total and complete uselessness.

In the end, though, the winning entry was sent in by Cameron for keeping things short and simple. We're sorry, Jessica Szohr. You do seem very nice. It's nothing personal...

Vanessa is Back! Yes!

 What do you mean you had to choose between me and the ratings?

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Vanessa: Serena...I have to tell you about Charlie....
Serena: Why do you have my phone number? Did you stalk me because I was dating Dan?
Vanessa: Uuhh.....no?


Vanessa: Dan, how come you had Blair's phone number? I thought she was a evil Queen?
Dan: Not as evil as you Vanessa, not as evil.


Vanessa: why am I even holding my phone, I have no friends to call.


Vanessa: Hey mum can yuo pick me up, i'm scared.


Vanessa: Hey mom, can you pick up my Library Book, its called "What ways to become useful instead of a troll"


Vanessa: I'm ready for the bag lady day of the month club. There is a magazine and everything


wow my charicter is so much like me in real life nobody likes Jess including Ed who i stupidly cheated on and now Dan hates me along with everyone else i should just quit now..... ohh wait i got fired ;)


Spotted: A not so flattering, graffiti drawing of V. And, what's this? Could it be the word skank written next to it? Careful V, with so many enemies and not so many friends, it might be time to turn tail and run. We hear Little J is looking for a roommate.
XOXO-Gossip Girl


Person on the phone: you're fired.
Jessica: FIRED? Why?
Person on the phone: er... hm... nobody likes you.


Vanessa: So mom, do you think I need a new career now?
Mom: Yes, you are all you can be and that is a foot stool

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