Gossip Girl Hook-Up Tease: A Priest and a Bridesmaid?!?

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The French are coming to Gossip Girl.

In light of Blair's engagement to Prince Louis, we already know the latter's sister will arrive this fall and cause problems for our favorite Upper East Sider.

Serena The Mark

But TV Guide has now teased another impending foreigner, one who could be heating up the action in an unexpected way:

According to the latest Mega Buzz column in that publication, a "young, very attractive, French-speaking Catholic priest" will appear on the first two episodes of season five.

He'll presumably be around to marry Blair and Louis, but the magazine also says he "might find a certain bridesmaid with whom he'll, ahem, commune."

Oh, Serena. What trouble will you get yourself into next?!?

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I love reading these articles besacue they're short but informative.


Now that's just absurd... everybody knows that most priests like 9 year old boys. Not 20 year old girls... Duuuuh.


This storyline is so dumb and offensive. It would never happen at all, kind of a like a wedding between a French prince and 20 year old college student would never happen. Get it together, writers.

Countess dorota

Everybody is pointing at Serena for sleeping with the priest but... I have a strong feeling it's Eric. That kid has slutty blood running thru his veins, it's a matter of time.


That's just gross


@char: not likely, nothing has been announced in that sense, unlike the case of Charlie/Ivy (Kaylee DeFer's character) which was quickly announced would be a regular. Since Louis's sister is a recurring characer, my guess is that he will be one too, in fact I suspect that an ironic twist will be that the sister will have more screentime than him, they can always say Louis is in Monaco doing this and that.


is louis a permanent character?


Oh of course Serena, get a man who suppose to be sacred and holy. Serena even knows how to whore up a priest. >>


@Cameron: We don't know yet the name of Louis's sister, they didn't revealed it. I understand that you have your reasons to doubt this, but believe me, Blair slept with Chuck, not only was he undressing her and she was in her slip from the waist up when the scene was cut, but also as guilty as they might have felt for only a make out, it wouldn't have been as guilty and anguished as the looked in that scene, it was clear that the guilt came from having slept together and Blair therefore cheating on Louis with Chuck. Latest spoiler on Dan and his book released today Ladies and Gentlemen, is on the TV Fanatic GG forums, spoiler section.


OK, firstly let's narrow it down to possible bridesmaides Blair will have: 1 - Serena
2 - The Prince's sister (forgot her name..)
3 - Her Minions (most likely not)
4 - Dorota (?) Ok, disconsidering the minions as possible bridesmaides, we have three options. Dorota is married and has a baby so probably not her. My first idea was jumping to Serena, but when discussing with a friend this storyline, she came up with a quite interesting idea: Because she doesn't want Blair and Louis to get married, Louis's sister will try to sabotage it by first sleeping with the priest to perform the ceremony, however, someone will see her sneaking in with the man and assume it was Blair (I don't know, maybe they're dressed alike or look alike or whatever). Then, Louis will confront Blair about cheating on him, at this point B will reveal having slept (did she really sleep with him or did they just make out?) with Chuck, except that was not what Louis was expecting, so he calls off the wedding. Enters Blair's newest friend/not friend Doughnut Humphrey to the rescue, and he talks to the Prince, who now still wants to marry B. Pissed off, the mean sister will try everything to ruin the wedding including runing any residual feelings there may be between Chair, by possibly sleeping with Chuck. Yes, the ideas seem a tard far fetched for me, but if it wasn't Serena it would be rather refreshing, and also, Serena is likely to stay in L.A (I'm guessing it's either her and Nate that will stay, or Chuck and Nate, perhaps Chuck and Serena). But despite that, she would fly off to Monaco or Paris for B's wedding, which I'm guessing is the setting for the Priest-Gone-Bad storyline.

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