Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 266

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Welcome to the 266th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

Your Caption Contest winner this week is Bonnie. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to me and TeamDamon4ever. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck next week!

Mer and Cris

Cris: If Owen keeps eyeing Callie's baby like that he'll be enjoying my new techniques in vasectomy surgery.
Mer: Maybe a baby wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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Meredith: Aww, what a cute little onezie! Yes what a cute thing you are!
Cristina: *Thinking* The woods are so not my thing, but looks like I have no choice. She's gone mental, that thing is hidious.


Meredith: Spider glue, spider glue does whatever a spiderglue does.
Christina: I'm so gonna kick Derek's ass.


Christina: Seriously, what are you doing?
Meredith: I told you, this is dough and I'm baking a cake.
Christina: No wonder Derek didn't want another annoying person in his life.


Meredith: Wow, this really sucks...
Cristina: Yeah, I know. My design is WAY better!
Meredith: I wasnt talking about my design...I was talking about Derek leaving me also with a baby!!!
Cristina: ...


Meredith: I'm going to keep on squeezing this glue out because my life sucks - I am now a single mother, Derek is nowhere to be found, and I just found out today that I'm carrying his baby. So yeah I'm going to keep on squeezing this glue out.


Meredith: Ok, this should be enough glue
*A little while later*
Meredith: Ok, this should be enough glue
Cristina : Mer, this is the 3rd time you've said that...omg, do you have Alzheimers?!


Christina Thinking: Wow, I think Mer has finally lost it. She's probably thinking about how Derek won't come home, how she has to take care of her new daughter by herself, the trial she screwed up, Man, she has a lot going on... Meredith Thinking: Hmmm, I wonder how much paint I can put on one onesie... :)


Christina: Mer, you need to slow down, you're scaring me.
Meredith: Christina, just be here,you're my sister, you're my family, you're all iv'e got.


Meredith: "Wonder what Shonda has in mind for the season eight premiere. Can't be as bad as Derek walking out, or Owen kicking you out of your house."
Cristina: "Last time you said that, there was a killing spree. Shut it."


Cristina: " So is Derek still going to let you do the Alzheimer trial? Meredith: "Who are you? Who's Derek? What Alzheimer?... Who are you?

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