Harry's Law Dismisses Pair of Regulars

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It may not have the impact of Laurence Fishburne leaving CSI, but two regulars won't be returning to Harry's Law next season.

TV Line reports that Brittany Snow and Ali Ameen have exited the NBC series, with insiders referring to the move as a “mutual decision” arrived at between the actors and the producers.

Law, Harry

Harry's Law was an unexpected hit for NBC when it came along at midseason.

However, there was never really any place for Snow's Jenna, a secretary, or Ameen's Malcom, a paralegal. Both could apper again as guest stars.


I really enjoyed the 1st season and I'm missing many of the old cast members like Brittany and Aml. I even missed the guy that played the gangster. I liked the small struggling firm story line. Basically, Harry's Law is becoming another Boston Legal and Alley McBeal. But, I'll still watch.


Already disliking the new cast! Needs Brittany and Ali. I enjoyed the neighborhood lawyer feel. Now it has the corporate feel.


I Love You, my darling


Brittany was a bore. The show has a unique story line and definite otential but needs a shot in the arm.


Having reviewed the series, I can easily see how these two were circling in their own orbit and drifting free from the main show. I will reserve judgement on how there leaving effects the show until we who (or whom) replaces them.


The only reason I even TRIED watching that drivel was because of Brittany Snow. Girl needs a great role. I'm glad she's off the show, because she'll get chances at bigger and better parts.


Booting off Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen is a huge mistake. They both understood how Harry works and respected it and were all considered a family to one another. To randomly write them out will most likely cause viewer decline. I'll still watch because I adore Kathy Bates, but I don't think it'll get a season 3.

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