Hawaii Five-O Casting for a "Female McGarrett"

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There will be a new governor on season two of Hawaii Five-O.

There will also be a new love interest for Steve McGarrett.

Steve McGarrett in Action

CBS insiders confirm the series is casting for a female Homeland Security Officer, one described in notes as "the female McGarrett." Look for her to help out the real McGarrett on a case.

They may also offer each other tips on a personal basis, as well, if you know what we mean!

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Larisa has WAY too many fake upper teeth. It affects her speech and is distracting. Overzealous dental work!

@ Stargazer

You're talking about Michelle Borth (Catherine), aren't you?


"Catherine" who plays McGarrett's love interest, has too many teeth in her mouth. It looks like she has a full set of upper dentures and it affects her speech. They are WAY too fake - looking.


Love the show, hate the bantering back and forth. way too much!


Give it up on the romance. Ok for Danno he has a child. Steve needs to be free to do his job. Like hi
Being single. More for us to love!!! Deb


Definitely mcgarreTt with catherine. They have kind of an early days JAG thing going. Not too much romance in the show especially not between the five O team members that jus distracts us from the action. I like the idea of mcgarrett having cathy somewhere in the wings when he needs help. Like an angel


i think you guys should keep catherine with steve becuase theres alot in comman with thoes two and he said to her i will meet you half way and ill bye or something when they hugged he alomost cired and she did two they love eachother keep them together. anyway steve works with lori how would they hide there relationship without the team knowing they both will get introuble keep steve mcgarrett with catherin rollins she and steve alot more in common than lori and steve so keep steve with catherine


There's so much hate. Jeez, just get over it. It's romance, it's everywhere. Get over it.


"Female version of McGarrett"?! Pleeease! His character is already plenty interesting and watchable without brining in some love interest angle. If they were going to make Steve have any romance, i reckon Kono is a much better match :)


I don't think Steve should have a girlfriend at all. Honestly, people love it that Steve is single. We don't want to see him all over a chick. Not cool. Even with that Navy chick was annoying and just downright boring actually. Stick to him solving crimes, we like that.


Its a horrible idea to bring on love interests. I want straight out crime, not romance on the side and in the middle. Romance doesn't make a great crime show, it makes it a typical romance crime show that will be cancelled later on