Hawaii Five-O Casting for a "Female McGarrett"

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There will be a new governor on season two of Hawaii Five-O.

There will also be a new love interest for Steve McGarrett.

Steve McGarrett in Action

CBS insiders confirm the series is casting for a female Homeland Security Officer, one described in notes as "the female McGarrett." Look for her to help out the real McGarrett on a case.

They may also offer each other tips on a personal basis, as well, if you know what we mean!

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With all these new characters coming, specifically, Steve M."love relationship", the show is trending away from the original tone of HAWAII FIVE-O. I might as well watch romantic shows.


i liked larisa in the 10 things movie but i don't like her in the show... she seems to be placed as steve's future love interest in the series...what's wrong with having romance in the show?


steve and kona could be a couple...nobody seemed to suggest it.


No steady partner for the leads please. It spoils the freedom they have now to act like adhd/good guys with a lot of shoot-first-and-ask-later action; what makes the show different. If I want to see romance I can tune in on all the other slow shows.


I want to be Steve McGarrett"s Girlfriend!!!! LOL :))))


Me if I would like a girlfriend to Steve because Danny has a wife and daughter, why he does not he have anyone?He had a sister and was sent to the mainland.I really think that Danno scenes with his wife and daughter are boring, is the worst of the series.I agree it is an action series,but if Danno has family,should not be less,and if Steve has no one,then they should be remove the family of Danno to balance the situation.


God no… please. The best two episodes of the entire season were the Pilot and the Season Finale, which were like mini action movies. The weakest part of those two episodes were the Rachel “I’m pregnant and it’s yours�/ Danny scenes. The H50 personal back stories were interesting, but please don’t dwell on the romance aspect of it… just how it affects them as cops. I want McGarrett to be an action hero, not carrying flowers and talking about “us�. The last thing this show needs is for the 4 leads to be waxing poetic about their “relationships�… if we wanted to watch that, we’d tune in to Gray’s Anatomy.


I think thats a horrible idea. they can cast a new character as a girl but no way am i going to like that relashionship! i do think he deserves a girlfriend but i think kono would be really nice for him.


I liked Cathy, they had chemistry together. However, she acted about 5 minutes in the whole season. Danny has Rachel (ex-wife-love interest-lover-wife again) It didn’t destroy the bromance.I don’t think a love interest for Steve is going to destroy the bromance.H5-0 has more characters than Danny and his family, not everything has to be about Danny.


God NO!
Bt if you MUST, then please don't have her on as a regular because it will kill the best thing about the show >> the bromance. This may be a really lame move. Cath is perfect because she's not around to kill McG's mojo.