Hawaii Five-O Casting for a "Female McGarrett"

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There will be a new governor on season two of Hawaii Five-O.

There will also be a new love interest for Steve McGarrett.

Steve McGarrett in Action

CBS insiders confirm the series is casting for a female Homeland Security Officer, one described in notes as "the female McGarrett." Look for her to help out the real McGarrett on a case.

They may also offer each other tips on a personal basis, as well, if you know what we mean!

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I love the idea that Steve have a girlfriend,I do not think losing the bromance for that.Danny has a wife, is not fair Steve to not have anyone to share a love since he being the main protagonist.
I'm a little bored with the familiar problems of Danny,I want to see more of Steve,and a girlfriend is great because a man like him can not be alone.


I love ... and I think a great idea! Steve deserves more than a bromance ... not fair that only! Lack romantic moments in the series for the protagonist to the commander McGarrett! Thanks for the information.


they already ruined the bromance with the reintroduction of Rachel into Danny's life...no way this guy is gonna be able to hang with Steve for beers at night when he has a new baby on the way. they might as well give Steve a girlfriend as well.


si c'est sophia myles alors ce serait génial!!!
dans le cas contraire alors il est mieux tout seul!!!!!


Please no. We have a McGarrett - Steve. We don't need a female clone for a girlfriend. I hope this is not the new team member, also. This trend toward romance is getting away from the reason I watch the show. Fail!


No. Just...NO. As soon as they introduce a woman, it will destroy the 'bromance.' Right now, the relationship between the guys is pretty awesome and funny.

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