Jesse Williams Teases Season Eight of Grey's Anatomy

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Is season eight the beginning of the end for Grey's Anatomy? Or just the end of the beginning? More likely to be the latter, to hear Jesse Williams tell it.

The actor recently spoke with E! about how he sees the upcoming season shaping up for his character, Dr. Jackson Avery, and the rest of the surgeons.

Excerpts from Jesse's interview at the Monte Carlo TV Festival below ...

Doctor Avery

On why he's particularly excited for season eight: "The reason I am excited about season eight is because season seven is really a transition from season six."

"Everybody was recovering and trying to figure out who they are and why they are and what relationships are really meaningful to them. Anyone who goes through trauma together, their relationships become stronger."

"I think what was interesting about the season seven finale is it is really character driven and about the characters redefining themselves - learning about who they are and casting things aside they don't need."

"Season eight, I think, is a new beginning. I think it's almost like the beginning of a new series in some ways. We've all been through something together, we had some troubles and now it's time to start fresh and I think you'll see a lot of new relationships and you'll have new characters interacting with new characters.

"There are what, 12 of us regulars on the show? We tend to group together in different sorts of formations and I think that's going to scramble up a bit."

On whether the show can go on without Ellen and Patrick: "I think the show is in good shape and I am really excited about season eight and I know we'll all be there."

On all the shower sex on Grey's: "I guess maybe it is more efficient. You have sex and are clean at the end so I guess we should all think about having more shower sex."

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What is he still doing there? he's only keeping Lexie away from Mark!


Why on earth does it absolutely need to end? There have been epic shows in the last few decades, why cant this one go on for another one? ER went on forever, so did general hospital. and they werent even that good! I say give grey's more seasons, and quit being so darn lazy. you'll gross more with god writers than you will with killing the show. Bring in more interns, weave the threads of the story more. shake things up to their very core. thats what grey's is about. i have seen every episode from day one. it would be a shame to put this show to rest. why not have it follow some of the every day events that have gone on? why not shaddow more soldiers returning from war? they have been saying that these men arent doing well. why not give them something that they can relate to? or is abc giving up on this show just to put more money into combat hospital? if thats so, i refuse to watch.


i know how they can write alex off. they oculd bring Izzie back for like and episode or something and have him go back with her! he would have his happily ever after! anyone else agree?


cant wait for s8, derek and meredeth better sort things out.


Patrick and Ellen will be back S9, regardless of your favourite couple,they are the couple who started us all on this journey, them and the other interns, Cristina, George, Alex and Izzie. And tghere is Bailey and the Chief. I'm sorry but the Grey in Grey's Anatomy is Meredith Grey and also will be, not Lexie Grey. Shonda as Shonda does will keep usall guessing until the very end.
Please renew Ellen and Patrick's contracts.


Cristina, Owen, Callie, Arizona, Bailey, Chief, Mark, Lexie, April, Jackson, Alex, Teddy. (Unless he didn't count Bailey and Chief as regulars??)


'There are what, 12 of us regulars on the show?' Anyone else think JW is already counting EP and PD out of GA too soon? He also seems to be preparing us, like Chyler is, for many changes as S8 progresses. So even less screen time for the characters I like :(


Sounds interesting.
I'm looking really forward to season 8.
I think Shonda will unleash a lot of drama and life changes to the characters.
Especially if she is going to view this as the last season.

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