Leighton Meester Performs New Song, Debuts New Hairstyle

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Sporting some adorable new bangs, Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester debuted a brand new look during a live performance at Troubadour in West Hollywood last night.

The 25-year-old could not look less like her alter ego Blair Waldorf in her casual, bohemian attire and wispy new 'do, but Leighton looked awesome just the same.

She's not half bad as a singer, either!

Meester performed songs from her new album in front of a crowd, which included her father and Gossip Girl co-star Michelle Trachtenberg. Here's a brief clip:

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i dont reall think that she looks good with a fringe...but i like her music..
''Your Love's A Drug''

Jade loves dair

I swear every hairstyle looks good on her.


She can sing. Like her singing these kind os songs. Suits her. Like her adorable hairstyle too.


loooove you leighton meester!she looks aesome no matter what look she goes for


she was great!!


I really like her new look! finally! it´s true, she is trending kinda bohemian or hippie, but i like most this way, this way she really makes a contrast with blake, being herself.

Uncle jackass

Funniest thing about the real life look is that she looks more appropriate with Dan Humphrey than her alter ergo. Kindof an angelic look...


I do not like the hair; I don't like bangs. I do like her dress, however!


Loving this style more of music hopefully she does release a album soon. I think she looks gorgeous before and after in hairstyles.


sorry for the double post! i mean the stuff she's done previously.
@GG=life - I never noticed that either!

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