Matthew Morrison on Glee Storylines, Scripts: Written on the Spot!

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Even the most ardent Glee supporter must admit: the sophomore season was a let down in many areas.

Often, the show appeared to focus more on paying tribute to an artist, or coming up with an elaborate dance routine, than on character development or consistent storytelling.

At the launch of Global TV’s Fall Lineup at the Sony Center in Toronto yesterday, Matthew Morrison gave us a clear idea why: Ryan Murphy and company are, truly, making this up as they go along.

Appearance of April

Guest appearances by stars such as Kristin Chenoweth are fun and welcome, but some coherence to them would be appreciated.

“Literally, the end of the season, the season finale we just shot, they were handing us script pages, like, ‘Say this right here,’" Morrison said. "The show is such an epic thing to film, we got so backed up. So I have no idea, I think the writers are taking a little break, and no one really knows anything.”

That's not exactly comforting.

We understand the production of Glee is more complicated and requires more time than any other show on TV. But hire dance coordinators, song coordinators and script coordinators. Expand the staff. Delegate. Do something.

There's no excuse for not having a season finale well planned out in advance.

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this season was lacking in things ! but i actually liked the finale ? maybe because it actually made me laugh for once this show kinda lost laughs in season 2 !? matthew was right to speak out against the writers the way glee is going he'd be lucky to have a job past season 3 anyway :( that said... i love glee and honestly HOPE it has many seasons to come ! but the writers need to get thier act together befrore that happens :)


This could be Ryan Murphy's theatrical background, too. That is, it's my understanding that the playwright is present during rehearsals to rewrite the script (as well as help with the character interpretation) as they go along. And aren't Broadway musicals famous for deciding they need another/different number in one act or another and rewriting the whole play to accomodate it? Anyhow, glad that they plan to have both writers and weekly script meetings next year.


The irony that they wrote NDs losing for being unprepared for Nationals and their cock up of the finale for also being unplanned and writing scenes on the spot.
The show won't get past season 3 (can't remember if they have already been given a 4th season yet) if they don't sort themselves out.
Selling songs on iTunes does not a great tv show make (do I sound like Yoda? *lol*)!


Dr.CerrenoMD It's not whistle blowing if everyone already knows.


It's good to know that even the cast of the show sees how inconsistent storylines and character development is here. And really, no matter how difficult it is to film an episode, you can't go into it unplanned. Especially not the season finale. No wonder it was such a disappointment. Wake up, Ryan Murphy!!


so just like the plot lines that the glee club do nothing until the last do the writers? no wonder glee is so inconsistent if nobody knows what's going on!


its nice 2 kno that i wasnt the only person who thought thought the finale SUCKED monkey nuts. i mean i was SO disappointed, and apparently so was he.

Jade loves dair

I'm so glad Matt said this. Now I know why Glee has become complete garbage. Someone really needs to wake Ryan Murphy the fuck up, because if Glee has another season like this, it's over.


I don't care about the storylines! Most of the times when i watch online i skip to the dance sequences just to hear the songs
Half the time i don't nead to do that...


Is matthew morrison trying to get fired? Y would he speak out against Ryan n the writers? I get that its wrong how they r running the show but Y tell on ur bosses? Whistle blowing isn't very ethical esp in show biz. It makes other ppl hesitant to hire U.


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