Necessary Roughness Review: A Premiere with Potential

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There are lots of things to like about USA's new original series, Necessary Roughness, but at the top of my list is seeing Callie Thorne playing a character that isn't a nutcase.

After her stint on Rescue Me and her guest spots on Burn Notice, I know that Thorne is an actress I enjoy watching. It's just nice to see her portray the role of a therapist instead of a person in need of one.

Dani and Matthew

The series premiere showed a lot of promise and kept me engaged despite its hour and fifteen minute length. Dr. Dani (Thorne) has the right balance of grit and vulnerability for a woman divorcing her sleazy husband and starting over.

The supporting cast was also likable, though the characters certainly need more substance. Because you can only pack so much into a pilot episode, I'm willing to give that a pass and see where they take Dani's troublesome teens and vapid best friend.

Her mother also came across as more caricature than character but, again, I'm hoping the role will grow with time.

Dani's soon-to-be ex is so sleazy it's hard to believe a smart woman like Dani remained married with her head in the sand for so many years.

I'm thrilled to see Marc Blucas as Dani's one-time/potential love interest but it's Nico, the team's fixer played by Scott Cohen, who really captures my interest here.

Will he be a competitor for Dani's affections or turn out to be the best friend she didn't know she needed? Either way, there's a unique connection there and I can't wait to see it explored.

The biggest risk for this show is what I saw in the Terrence King storyline. Will Dani's pop psychology be able to fix every problem in 43 minutes or less each week? That can get tiresome, formulaic, and boring.  

Because Terrence is supposed to come back for further sessions I'm hoping the issues get a little more complex.

Necessary Roughness has a great cast and plenty of potentially intriguing characters. If the story can keep up with them, I think we can look forward to various sessions each week.


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The show was great and would like to see more of what a family would like to see every week. The one thing I didn't like was where Dani and the trainer hook up for a one night stand, i'm so tired of this sexual content that all new shows have to put it in. Just being seperated doesn't give anyone the right to the same thing that you accused your spouse of, that puts you in the same world. So i hope there won't be anymore sexual displays till a divorce has concluded and you really love another in the right way.


I am also really interested in the dynamic between Nico and Dani. As much as I like Marc Blucas, I would like to see something develop between them.


Best new show of the summer.


"Dani's soon-to-be ex is so sleazy it's hard to believe a smart woman like Dani remained married with her head in the sand for so many years." Really? I thought it was rather realistic to see a character so used to solving other people's problems that she never really focused on her familial issues and that her intellect didn't really translate into common sense. Even Dani's tryst with the trainer puts her naiveté on display. The writing for her character IMO is very conisient and Thorne's innocent charm just completes the package.


Amazing show! And, I've watched it all. I was stuck forever! Great Job, finally.


Like the show, Calli hard but soft. I think Nico is the man. Good luck USA, I think you have a hit


What a welcomed subject that is positive and gives you hope! I'm tired of violence and death on television and in the newspapers! Our family will watch House Hunters for a break! Looking forward to the continued series!


Watched the pilot and I believe you have a hit. Good story, great acting both leaving you wanting to see more. I would give it five-stars on the Pilot.


I really love this series. I was truly engages with the story line and I can relate with the story. I hope it won't get boring.


I love it... Thanks USA for another great show... Necessasy Roughness cast was awesome

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When you are making a living as a hooker, then you can dig this out of storage.


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