Penn Badgley to Portray Jeff Buckley in Biopic

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It looks as though Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley has been cast in the role of Jeff Buckley in the upcoming biopic chronicling the late singer-songwriter's life.

The 24-year-old Penn, who has been trying to branch out from the CW drama and sink his teeth into serious acting with deeper roles, is said to be elated.

Robert Pattinson, on the other hand? He reportedly coveted the role of Buckley for the same reasons. Somehow we imagine his career will survive.

Way to go, Penn!

Penn B. Pic

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go, my love!


@NS4evaneva This story is very true. Just been confirmed today by the producers of the film.


The producers are now saying he has nothing to do with the show and that auditions weren't done yet, and yes RP will audition. So in short . . . this story is not true


It is nice to see our GG kids walking on their own...oohhh...they grow up so fast!! :D


That's just wrong. James Franco should play Jeff Buckley and no one else.


dont like the beard


I think the ages thing goes like this: Jessica and Chace are the oldest, she turned 26 in March and he's turning 26 this year, then comes Leighton, then Penn, then Ed and Blake (I think she would be the youngest of the 2 but I'm not sure, I know he's turning 24 in 10 days) and the youngest are Connor and Taylor of course. No idea about the age of Kaylee Defer (Ivy/Charlie). Still the age thing is not really that important if you remember none of these people are playing characters with their real life ages, the only one was Taylor and ironically Jenny Humphrey is older by months than Taylor (Jenny's birthday was around February/March/beginning of April while Taylors birthday is on July). I just read in the forums here that the LA Times said this news was a rumor and nothing had been confirmed yet, has someone read that newspaper and can confirm or deny this? Thank you.


Yeah Penn! He's so much better than Robert Pattinson!


Sounds great! Hope Penn nails it.


He was born in November of 86. Leighton was born in April of 86. She's only 8 months older. Yay Penn :)