Producers React to Game of Thrones Shocker: They Killed Off Who?!?

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SPOILER WARNING: Don't you dare read any further if you have not yet watched last night's Game of Thrones episode and/or read our review of "Baelor."

The following interview excerpts with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss focus on a major development from the most recent installment of this HBO drama, as the show took the shocking step of killing off a main character.

Below, the producers respond to a pair of questions: Where they afraid this move would alienate viewers? What does it mean for season two?

Eddard Stark Pic

With the decision to follow the books and off Sean Bean's Eddard Stark - the individual most hyped on season one, anchoring the show's first official poster - Weiss told Entertainment Weekly the series is "setting up other characters" for the future.

"The idea is this show gets its hooks into people enough so you’re going to want to know what happens to Tyrion and Arya. So even though we lose key characters, we’re still invested in a lot of characters so you’ll want to know what happens next," he said.

Who might replace Bean on the show? Any other significant actors?

"There are a bunch of names up for discussion, so it’s quite possible," Benioff said. "Certainly there hasn’t been any kind of mandate that we need to cast big names, but there are some well known actors who would be great for certain roles."

Read the full interview with these two at EW and respond now: Were you stunned by the death of Stark? Where will the drama go from here?


horrible, the only reason i saw this series is because of him, and i will not follow the second season


If you want to see a example of a tv series not following the main plot of a good book alienating the books biggest fans than look no further than Legend of the Seeker.. cancelled after season 2. You could actually pick up book 2 after watching this series and for the most part understand whats going on, they did a excellent job of following the plot lines. Ned was one of my favorite characters too when I was reading and was frustrated and angry when he was killed off. That being said if the writers decided to not do this it changes the entire series. Trust me his kids alone will carry the series along with other characters introduced later. Who's going to fill Neds boots? Why do they need too? They have the audience now and you still have the Imp, Jon, Rob, Arya, Sansa, Renly will be introduced to Stannis(King Roberts Brother) just to name a few.


you just lost a viewer


i think killing ned was the stupidest idea ever


Not killing off Ned Stark would have unraveled the whole story. Are you saying that the producers should have completely rewritten 5 books of Song of Ice and Fire just to keep Sean Bean on the cast longer?


Actually, I am amazed that anybody could possibly think that they would change something as important as Ned dying. He HAD to die, period.
I do like the way these books are written - there are indeed many heroes worth following and there is no need to single out one as the "main hero".


I was MASSIVELY disappointed in the last two episodes of Game of Thrones. I HATE the death of main characters with a passion. - And sorry book fans - Ned Stark was the one we were rooting for... I don't trust an author who will do that, so I went and spoiled the story for myself to avoid the commitment of any more time and emotional energy if there is just more of the same ahead. And there most certainly is. I know. I googled it. NO HEROS. NO main characters to care about and pull for... I guess I'm angry for the attachments I formed before I knew the "game," because they went NO WHERE. ALL the story lines I was drawn to are OVER, making me wonder WHY I just wasted my time following them. POINTLESS. I'm angry because it had been so intense and beautiful to watch... I sensed greatness... but abruptly, it was over. EMPTY. Now I know that there are plenty more dead end characters and tragedies ahead... NO THANK YOU! I wanted it to be more... so I'm disappointed that it's not. I bought the book with great expectation (I love a good long series), but will not bother to read it now.


A lot of you posters need to understand a simple fact that is repeated throughout recent storytelling history. Books are not cinematic features.
Cinematic features are not books. When one tries to copy the other closely, it typically does NOT end well. You can do things in books you can't accomplish in cinematic features. Such as killing off "main" or "POV" characters due to the fact that you can much more easily introduce other characters in the next 200 pages which you can make the reader care for. You can rarely do that in a cinematic feature. And even when done once, people still will even more rarely endure it multiple times. Typically movies can get away with that when they kill off a main character right at the END or, funny enough, even the BEGINNING of a story. But doing it in the MIDDLE (AKA Season 1) is a hard trick to pull off. If the writers continue following the book, which *SPOLIERS* DOES kill off HUGE amounts of characters which are of current importance, they will lose their viewers. On a side note as a personal critic/rant, I must say I don't enjoy reading or watching stories in which the writers feel the need to point out "life is shit, deal with it" nearly as much as those in which have a "happy ending". Or at least an O.K. ending.
I'm not trying to escape my shitty life by watching even more depressing shitty FICTIONAL lives get ruined. I realize life sucks a large majority of the time. I understand the "Hero" rarely wins in real life. That why some people (like me) enjoy watching movies and reading books where the hero does win. ;) Which isn't to say I can't enjoy a good book or movie that does those things. Take, for example, No Country for Old Men. Excellently executed film, superb acting, superb directing, lighting, etc. Many people hate that film simply because the bad guy won.
And many people love it just for that reason.
I agree that good story telling shouldn't be good because you do something that is "new" or "fresh" or "unexpected". Sure, it can be part of it.
But if its truly good story telling, it shouldn't matter. Perhaps even a basic rule for life. Not just story telling.
You shouldn't, for another example, like someone or something just because they're "new" or "fresh". But I just plain enjoy happy endings more. /rant


i have not read the books.
im guesing sean bean will come back into it as one of the living dead that was seen at the north wall???


I just bought the book because of my great admiration of this showand was amazed that they stayed so close to the book. This is a true rarity when a book his brought to the screen. The fact that you have a book or show that can still ''shock'' you is so refreshing in a media age where it is so easy to predict plot outcomes. As hard as it will be I will wait on purchasing the rest of the books so I can continue to be surprised....On a second line of thought I still wonder about the influences other books or shows have on a writer...I see glimpes of everything from the great tv show Farscape (Ka Dargo a main character) to one of my favorite films The Lion in Winter.

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