Producers React to Game of Thrones Shocker: They Killed Off Who?!?

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SPOILER WARNING: Don't you dare read any further if you have not yet watched last night's Game of Thrones episode and/or read our review of "Baelor."

The following interview excerpts with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss focus on a major development from the most recent installment of this HBO drama, as the show took the shocking step of killing off a main character.

Below, the producers respond to a pair of questions: Where they afraid this move would alienate viewers? What does it mean for season two?

Eddard Stark Pic

With the decision to follow the books and off Sean Bean's Eddard Stark - the individual most hyped on season one, anchoring the show's first official poster - Weiss told Entertainment Weekly the series is "setting up other characters" for the future.

"The idea is this show gets its hooks into people enough so you’re going to want to know what happens to Tyrion and Arya. So even though we lose key characters, we’re still invested in a lot of characters so you’ll want to know what happens next," he said.

Who might replace Bean on the show? Any other significant actors?

"There are a bunch of names up for discussion, so it’s quite possible," Benioff said. "Certainly there hasn’t been any kind of mandate that we need to cast big names, but there are some well known actors who would be great for certain roles."

Read the full interview with these two at EW and respond now: Were you stunned by the death of Stark? Where will the drama go from here?


the BEST tv since WINDS OF WAR !.great acting=lena heady,sean bean/etc. ,etc..will be very hard to wait 1 yr.for season 2.I imagine best viewership ever for HBO .the scope of this series is unpreceddented !NO sword & Sorcery movie & series compares ever.No CGI yet,no epic BATTLES ,but great drama rising from great writing .MUCH BETTER than TRUE BLOOD & will bemore popular .IS this better than LOTR


I too have not read the books and was very interested in this series because of Sean Bean (one of my favorite actors). Every episode ended with a shock and had me back for the next! When they killed Ned Stark I stared at my television screen, not believing what I was seeing. There are so many characters and story lines I just hope this continues next season, although, I wished there had been more episodes this season. Now waiting until 2012 for Game of Thrones to continue ... I only hope the viewship hasn't been lost!!!


mark my words! the show will lose so many viewers by the end of season2, it will end up cancelled. As i said before, A tv audience is way different than a book audience. Tv viewers will eventually lose interest in Thrones do to constant main character changes. im not going to watch anymore, and i know i'm not the only one who is predicting Thrones to fail

@ hero

Ye 3 years later and the shows doing better than ever.


Agree totally with Viewer. If you aren't going to follow a major plot line of a very complex four book series,why bother to make it at all? Nothing would make sense that comes after. Sansa's plight, what I am sure will be quite an adventure for the younger daughter, the coming of age of Jon Snow and the King of the North would not be happening without the death of Ned Stark. As for poor writing or film making, one of the greatest directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock, killed off his main charactor in a little film you might remember called "Psycho".
This series has so many interesting charactors to watch, I can't wait till next season.


Anyone who thinks this will be a routine humdrum "Good triumphs over evil - eventually" might get a real shock in future episodes... that's WHY the books are SO good. "There is no one else in the series like that. If the original book was responsible for his demise then it was a major writing blunder" :facepalm:


1. The books are brilliant.
2. Why change anything in them for the Series? "the biggest problem i see for the future of the show is filling sean beans shoes. as of now, there are no characters on the show that can carry it" You ARE kidding, right? 3. The loss of the 1st major character is nothing - if you haven't read the books, remember - "Expect the Unexpected!!" Enjoy the second series !!


Every series needs an old friend, someone who is perhaps not constantly there, but who the story comes back to, and someone who the viewer thinks about in the back of his mind. The Sean Bean character was just that, a flawed individual yes, but someone also possessing admirable qualities that we can all relate to. There is no one else in the series like that. If the original book was responsible for his demise then it was a major writing blunder. You just can't kill off an old friend.


as i said before, its cool to follow the books, but do so at a high risk of losing a lot of viewers. a tv audience is a completely different animal than a book audience. tv viewers like their main characters to stick around. not die every other episode. thats why i think season 2 will be the last. people will get tired of constant character changes. not to mention the surviving characters are to un-entertaining to carry the show


the real problem with killing ned off is that now we'll never figure out john snow's mama....


I'm not sure how HBO is going to keep thier viewers as the story rolls on... they literaly kill off every character that you could become attached too in the books and are left with the Lanisters, and the kids... To be honest the next two books become very long winded

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