The Good Wife Season 3 Premiere to Be Titled...

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It might not be on the excitement level of a certain impending guest star, but CBS has revealed the title for The Good Wife's season three premiere.

It will be called "The Next Day."

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No real mystery here about what the title is most definitely referring to: the fallout from Alicia and Will finally spending a night together.

Will they carry on an actual relationship? A secret one? Was it a one-time event? Will Alicia go through with a divorce? So many questions. So many weeks, unfortunately, until we get any answers.

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I guess you haven't kepted up with coming attractions, it seems good old asshole has a history with are girl Kalinda also and a few others. And you think this is the man she should of married (up yours), as for the kids you would stup so low about people that make sense are way out of your league.
Let them go live with their father, who said they were going to him ? There are plenty of other people who would protect them.


If her kids would really rather have her be miserable with that lying cheating rat she married, rather than be happy, to hell with them. Let the selfish brats leave. Let them go live with their father -- who might have to stay home to take care of them for a change, instead of being out shtupping his whores while his wife waited at home. When Alicia has ONE night with the man she should have married, now that she's separated, that hardly makes her "the same" as her dirtbag ex-husband, who decided to cheat on her at least NINETEEN different times when they weren't even separated. Get a clue.


I hope she gets her ass burned, the way she has deceived her kids and family then the infidelity wth the boss. Consulting with a collegue about divorce doesn't make it legal, when she pulled the hotel room made her the same as her husband 2 yrs ago.
I would like to see the writers put it to her and show the whole dirty mess to everyone, the perfect ending would be her coming home from work to find the kids packed and ready to go with a short speech see the CD on the computer and hope you like it---GOOD BYE.


It is a brand new day means she is now liberated and has awakened. I hope they had a great time and can still work well together. Her x Husband is a sleezeball and had it comming.


"The Unfaithful Good Wife is the new title." Oh please... SHE's "unfaithful"? Were you asleep all through the last season? Did you miss the parts where she forgave Peter and helped him win his campaign -- but THEN discovered that he had lied to her and had sex with her best friend, in addition to all his whores? That was the last straw for her. They're separated, she's kicked the sleazeball out like she should have done two years ago, and she's consulting a divorce lawyer. That means their marriage is history, and she's not cheating on Peter. She's finding his replacement.


The Unfaithful Good Wife is the new title. This is not about Peter it is about a woman Alicia who judges people then turns and does the same thing behind the familys backs.


Alicia and Peter are as good as divorced already says who? J there won't be any divorce, she knows now that what she did was crossing the line and can't judge other people on different standards. With the start up of season 3 and the dark past of Will and his old partner who he has the hots for will put the cabash on his future.
The writers have plans for using the kids in some very exciting scenes with their mother which will bring her close to a break down, can't wait.


Alicia and Peter are as good as divorced already, because she finally understands what a lying cheating rat he is. It took her a long time to come to her senses, but now she's realized he should be history. It's just incredible how many people hold Alicia to such a high standard of "fidelity", when Peter took his marriage vows and threw them in the toilet at LEAST nineteen different times. He needs to be out of her life completely -- and the sooner the better.


Alicia and Peter will not get a divorce, she still has big feelings for him and would lose the one thing that is near and dear to her. The one hour hotel room scene never will happen, at the last minute there will be cold feet or a cell phone call plus a guilty feeling on her part. The only problem will be that to manny people saw them from the bar to the room plus on tape that will hit the airwaves and cause a hugh scandel.


I'm a big Alicia and Peter fan. I like their chemistry. I think seeing them oppose each other in court will be fun. If they divorce, I hope she realizes that she still has feelings for him.

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