The Nine Lives of Chloe King Review: Series Premiere

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The first thing I noticed about The Nine Lives of Chloe King is its similarity to the recent movie I Am Number Four.

That could very well be a bad thing, but Skyler Samuels' Chloe was much more interesting than the lead of the aforementioned movie.

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On the eve of her 16th birthday, she experiences subtle changes that don't go unnoticed by her best friends. However, she merely attributes them to her desire to live a life she has never experienced.

She can stand, without thinking, on the edge of park bench. The guys around her find her suddenly irresistible, her hearing has become well-honed and she can throw a basketball down the length of her high school hallway.

To listen to her chats with her friends, you'd think Chloe was the biggest dork in high school. But, when we meet her, she is so alluring it's impossible to understand why she had never been kissed.

Chloe is cute, interesting and funny. I can only imagine her genetic code was keeping her under the radar until this special day.

When she scratches a would-be attacker with nails that shoot in and out like a feline, you get the feeling there is a lot more to her story than a few new subtle superpowers.

Frankly, the whole premise is like every girl's dream come true. Minus the dying thing, of course. We all grow up with the magical 16th birthday looming as a gift from heaven, and yet it rarely makes any impact on life at all. Here, though, Chlole's entire world changes.

She has always known she was adopted, but having a great mother didn't lead Chloe to question her past. She was satisfied. But when a scary, scarred man is chasing you at every corner and... well, kills you, you start to question your past.

Born in the Ukraine, she is one of an ancient race called the Mai, who at one time were revered, advising pharaohs. Think of all the Egyptian paintings of big cats, wearing jeweled necklaces and crowns. Apparently, they were Mai.

Then, for the bad news: A group called "The Order" is after her, intimacy with humans is fatal for the latter (if only she hadn't had that kiss at 15) and she has eight more chances to die as she plays out her role as the very enigmatic "Uniter" of her people.

Chloe was born as the savior of her race. She had very little information from her mom, but now that she's 16, her dad sends an email to let her know to trust no one. That's a mighty big request with all the changes going on around her.

Overall, the pilot episode was not the best I've ever seen, but the story is a lot more engaging than I expected. Samuels makes for a very interesting lead, and I really care about what happens to her, as well as her two best friends, Amy and Paul; and her new friends, the Mai cousins Alek and Jasmine.

Something tells my all of those agreeable characters won't be such for long. How can a girl who will literally live eight more lives have four close friends? At least one of them will have to turn against her, or her ride will be too easy.

Other thoughts:

  • I loved when she flashed her nails at Amy and Amy screamed. At least it was a realistic reaction.
  • For being a seemingly dorky gal all her life, she took really well to her three-day old powers by the end of the first episode.
  • An ancient race struggling to survive and unknown to the world - and there are three at her high school? Kismet!
  • Since Chloe is already down to eight lives, was The Nine Lives of Chloe King really an appropriate title?
  • I did NOT see kitty hat guy being the son of the Big Bad coming. Very nice twist.


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Very disappointed. First, Chloe is 16 and never tells Brian her age and for all we know, he could be in his late 20's. Gross. This series could've potentially been really good, but quite honestly I kept expecting it to get better and expected Chloe's character to at last learn from her mistakes .... which she didn't at all and is an idiot (the character not the actress). Very horrible series and am very sad on the mashed up ending where they just decided to kill everyone. Yeah, not that great. I would only recommend this to someone with the expectation that it will be very crappy at the end.


MY GAWD. Absolute shit. The books were very, very good. Believabl, they flowed, it was interesting etc...I recommend reading them first. This was possibly the shittest interpretation of a book to television i have ever seen. Comparing it to buffy is ridiculous, because that episode was ridiculous. They nearly had some idea at some points.....but they were poorly executed. None of the characters interest me --- the only people to really even seem to have a character is paul and amy for goodness sake. Come on Skyler, get your act together. So wishy washy....and the whole taunting while fighting ---she should be freaking out not be fine with it! Gosh, just so so so much wrong with it, the producers really need to sort their shit out


I just watched the episode... at first i though 'oh this seems cool, and shes an alright actress.' then it started coming with the other cat people and thought that was a bit corny. then these people trying to kill her.. little bit over done. it is alot like buffy the vampire slayer. it is corny with the whole 'claws and jumping' but then again she is supposed to be a cat. I will watch some more to make a final judgement, because all pilots can have little information or too much. so it was entertaining and it seemed ok. one thing is there arnt any hot guys in it. and the twist at the end was good. Im going to wait for it to warm up for a few episodes then see if it still stays corny or goes to a very nice storyline.


I was first interested in this show when I saw the trailers, but I was really disappointed when I saw the actual episode. The script was corny and not very well thought through. The plot as a whole is very predictable and kinda stupid. Just by the first episode, I can pretty much tell how the rest of the series is going to unfold. Not only this, but Chloe's mocking of the enemy whilst in the middle of combat was very cliche and reminded me too much to Buffy the vampire slayer. All in all, there really is no deep meaning to the show and the characters are very one-dimensional. I would not recommend watching.


I really did like this show! I didn't want the club guy to die. The only thing that i didn't like was the hole annoying best friend thing Shes just going to get on my nerves.


I was so excited to find out they are making a series on the FABULOUS series written by Celia Thomson, the books are fantastic. I read them when i was in grade 7, and 7 years later i am still so hyped!


The pilot was intriguing enough to check back on next week's episode. It was a little cheesy but to be expected based on the premise. The lead actor is a delight. Good ending with the email from her dad.


ok episode for a premiere...that twist was unexpected but it reminded me of the teen wolf storyline in which the new girl/love interest is the daughter of the bad guy/werewolf hunter


actually, I discovered the pilot existed today thanks to TVfanatic, and I wasn't really sure what to expect but I really like it! Nice to know I'll have another show to keep me company!


I think the show has lots of potential. Last night was all about introducing the primary cast and it's hard to do that in a pilot plus keep up a storyline. It's a lot to cram into one episode. I intend to continue to watch because I find the main characters intriguing. I love the bits and pieces of humor "not now Amy". Of course the premise of the show seems dumb but no worse than Buffy, the vampire slayer. This show already is entertaining, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. I didn't see the twist at the end coming. I can see a lot of potential in that storyline.

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