The Real Housewives of N.J.: A Family Feud Continues

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The theme of the week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey was - wait ... you'd better be sitting down - a family feud. When is that NOT the case, honestly?

While Caroline serves up advice on her radio show, the Gorga siblings try to resolve their issues in a sit down that stirs up more drama. So it goes in Jersey.

Kathy finds herself in Melissa's corner, while Jacqueline is forced to mediate as round two of this face off brings Teresa and Melissa to the Laurita doorstep.

It got better/worse. To rehash how it all went down, blow by blow, just follow this link for The Hollywood Gossip's full Real Housewives of New Jersey recap!

Whoa Whoa Whoa!

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one more thing...melissa and joe gorga threw that xmas party for their own benefit, not the benefit of sick children. if they really cared about sick children, they would have donated the $50,000 they spent on the party to the hospital, instead of having a lavish event to show off their house and make themselves look like heroes.


caroline needs to mind her own business and stop thinking she's the boss of everyone and their homes. it was not her place to throw out kim g. from melissa's home. it was melissa' and joe's place to do that. kim g. needs a man.

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