True Blood Exclusive: Rutina Wesley on Tara's Season Four Journey

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Tara Thornton will be "taken on a journey she never dreamed possible" on season four of True Blood.

So Rutina Wesley told me in an exclusive interview this week, a statement that becomes even more intriguing when fans consider this juicy series spoiler.

What else can we look forward to from Tara? Will her luck in the love department change? The actress delved into these topics and more in a revealing Q&A...

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Let's go back before we go forward. Talk about your scenes with Franklin Mott. What kind of toll did they take emotionally?
These scenes were very emotionally challenging, but that's the kind of work I like to do as an actor. I like to be challenged mentally and physically. Working on True Blood has given me both of those things and it has been a dream getting to play this role because they constantly keep my juices pumping as an actor and I have to ultimately dig deeper each season.

Working with James Frain was amazing because he is so good at his craft that I had to be on my toes and I was challenged by him in the way that every actor wants to be challenged. We had to make light of some of the situations in order to keep our own sanity; otherwise it could drive you crazy, not allowing yourself to laugh at the ridiculousness of being tied to a toilet with flowers duct taped to your hands.

What is in store for Tara on season four?
We will see Tara in a whole new light. She's stronger, fiercer, and has learned how to love herself. She's calmed down a bit and we will find out what she's been up to. But eventually she will be swept back up into the world of vampires and taken on a journey she never even dreamed possible.

Will Tara ever find true love?
That is the million dollar question. We shall see if she is ready or not.

Talk about working with Anna Paquin.
Anna is my girl. She has been lovely to work with. She is very generous as a scene partner and she has my back. I enjoy all our moments together because we actually get along really well on and off set and it makes work so much easier and our connection on-screen that much stronger.

Do you get made fun of on set for portraying one of the only non-supernatural characters?
Nope. I actually enjoy being human. The human reactions to this crazy world is where all the drama lies and that makes for good TV.

How familiar are you with the books?
I read the first two books - but because they changed my character so much [on the show], I didn't feel the need to carry on. I also like to be surprised with what they have in store for my character. My mom. however, has read them all and she loves them.

Wesley and the rest of the True Blood crew return with new episodes on June 26. Watch the first eight minutes of the premiere NOW!

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Beautiful job as always Mel! I fall in love with every monemt you capture.Teagan, you have a handsome little man there. I hope he slept well after all that sugar! Lol.


I love Tara's character and you really do see a change in her this season. I think they should somehow bring back Franklin ... even though he got blown to bits -- maybe through a witch's spell or something, he could return ... or time could be turned back for him to escape the gunshot, etc. I would like to see him come back, go under some type of transformation which would make him less psycho, but still be deeply in love with Tara, and eventually win her heart the proper way! They had such great chemistry together, it was insane. It was a great story line that definitely should be continued.


Love the character of Tara am so glad that she is in season 4


I know in the books Tara gets pushed to the sidelines later in the series but I hope they dont do that with her on the show because I love her =)


I love Rutina Wesley on the show, as well as her character Tara. I hope neither of them leave. :D


Rutina is such a wonderful gift to the show. I love Tara. Evan you're an idiot. Keep the negative comments to yourself.


Rutina is such a wonderful gift to the show. I love Tara.
Evan you're an idiot. Keep the negative comments to yourself.


Hey RUTINA I think you are so beautiful and very talented..i'am really looking forward for season four. OMG That smile!


LOVE HER!!!! =)


The worst character on the show in my opinion. I really hope they kill her off.

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