True Blood Spoilers: A Win for Team Eric!

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Go ahead and rejoice, Team Eric members, season four of True Blood will likely be the one you've been waiting for.

Due to his run-in with witches, Alexander Skarsgard's vampire will face some serious problems in the weeks ahead. But they may lead him into the arms of Sookie.

Behind the Bar

"The old Eric is gone," Skarsgard said at the show's premiere party this week. "He's very innocent and naïve, and then he finds out who he is and what he's done in the past - Eric has done some pretty bad things in the past - and it's tough for him to digest that and to deal with that."

How will such a vulnerable side affect his interactions with a certain faerie?

"She sees Eric in a whole new way," Anna Paquin says. "Sometimes it takes a slight shift in perspective for people to see what's right in front of them."

In the fourth Charlaine Harris novel, on which this season is based, Eric and Sookie do finally sleep together. So, with Sookie still mad at Bill over his deception, will the series follow through on that this summer?

"If you know the books and you like the fourth book in the series, you won't be disappointed," creator Alan Ball hints. "[In that book], they have a pretty hot hookup that goes on for a while, but all I'm saying is fans of Team Eric will be very happy this year."

Who do you wanna see Sookie with?

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eric northman rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Team Eric LOVE


Actually I don't care who she chooses but I root Eric & Sookie b/c it gives me more Eric on screen.


Yes! Dreams do come true.


i agree with jjbc for all but that he's too good for her. they're perfect for each other!


Team Eric all the way!


I of course vote for Eric because I loved book four, and Alexander Skarsgard has brought the character of Eric come to life as I have never seen an actor do before. That said, i do think Eric is too good for Sookie but she is who he wants. As for Bill's love of Sookie, I agree he does love her, but it is a sick sorted type of love I would want no part of. Alcide, PLEASE, in the books he also used her for his own purposes, and in the series he is just a muscle bound rube.


i love eric he is gorgeous

Uncle jackass

Why does Sookie have to choose between Eric and Bill. Polygamy shouldn't be exclusive to just men?


I am Team ERIC all the way! Sookie just needs Eric!

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