TV Fanatic Awards: Best Actor in a Drama, Round 1

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With opinions strong, and votes pouring in, it's time to continue navigating our way through inaugural TV Fanatic Awards.

Readers have already expressed their views on the best network drama and the best cable drama of the 2010-2011 season. Now, sticking to the same genre, let's turn our attention to the men who make these dramas so riveting.

Best Actor in a Drama

In the first of two rounds - the second round will be posted tomorrow, with the top vote-getters from each squaring off later in the week - we've listed five of our favorite stars.

All are talented. But only one can move on. Which round one participant was the best dramatic actor of 2010-2011?

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i can't beleive ed westwick wasn't mentioned in round 2 either !!!


There is not a fair representation on this website. Hamm, Kranston, and Terriers are all losing, and they are the best in their catagories.


Charlie Hunnam and SOA all the way!




Guys. If you haven't noticed they did 2 separate posts for cable dramas and network dramas. If you look at the shows that are nominated, you'll see that they're all CABLE shows. Network shows (ie. NCIS, Vampire Diaries, Castle, Bones, Supernatural etc.)will presumably have a separate poll for their actors, probably titled Best Actor in a Drama Round 2.


please nominate ed westwick in the second round !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he did a great job in gossip girl this year ! please vote for him too even though some people dislike chuck you have to admit ed did a great job acting as him ? :) i'm gonna vote hugh laurie for round 1

Amy jackey

im not voting i dont even like the shows the guys play on that they have on the voting list


Ian somerhalder


EXTRA SOA and Charlie Hunnam EXTRA EXTRA


All u people watching NCIS or CSI instead of shows like Dexter,Sons of Anarchy,Breaking Bad,etc..... are really missing out on great tv!!