Two Gossip Girl Characters to Stay in L.A.?

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Will two Gossip Girl characters decide to stay in L.A. in the fifth season premiere?

It would appear so, if the Gossip Girl writers' Twitter account can be trusted!

See below. Then chime in with who you think it is ...

Writers Tweet

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Bet it's Lily and Rufus!


hmm they consider to stay but not forever right? I think it might be serena and nate because he visits her...but then again maybe rufus and lily xD for the case that they stay forever


I don't know if anyone's mentioned it yet, but there's the possibility that Serena is pregnant. If the baby is hers, could it be her plus one? I feel like she'll definitely be the one to stay in LA, but I'm not sure who else.


uhhh I swear to Gossip Girl that if Chuck decides to stay in L.A. (because remember he and Nate are going to pay Serena a visit on the first episode) I will literally force Gossip Girl to go off the air (I will find a way!!!) I still think Blair is pregnant, only because i watched them film the other day in Central Park, and Blair kinda leads up to the assumption that she's preggo, therefore the kid is Chucks and boombangpowthatshowbabiesaremade. so yeah. It can't be Chuck.


omg 1. Everyone knows well i guess not everyone as you won't shut up. anyways knowns the nate and serena are meant to be 2. Blair is meant to be with chuck but she's with the prince now ok and i guessed it right that she'll end up with the prince. 3. Dan is dan , well find his upper east side princess one day and it's nether, blair or serena because one is getting married and the other is his step sister ewhhhh. 4- and last if two characters are staying in L.A them means there's room for 2 more characters in the show :) ps it can't be anyone from the non-judging breakfast club btw ;)


*SPOILER* If it follows the books thing, Eleanor will be pregnant and her and Cyrus decide to move to LA.


I hope that Chuck remains in the city of Los Angeles.
Because now Chuck is a mature man and can find to a new love and be very happy
Blair already does not exist in Chuck's life so it does not have because to be in New York seeing as Blair organizes his stupid wedding
In addition in Los Angeles Chuck also can have an Empire and be happy

Gaby ee

Serena and Nate seem as the most obvious choise, but we can't tell for sure yet.


i think more they speak about the people which are already in La.

Luoise elena

totaly agree with kelly what's the point of watching GG if blair and chuck r not 2gether

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