What Was the Best Network Drama of 2010-2011?

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Welcome to the first annual TV Fanatic Awards.

With the 2010-2011 season behind us, we're here to stop and reflect. Which series had the most dramatic effect on you over the last few months? Which made you laugh the hardest? Which new series has earned a spot on your DVR for the foreseeable future?

Over the next few days, we'll ask readers for their takes on various shows and stars. We'll then post the results.

Best Drama

Remember: these polls only reflect programs that aired throughout 2010-2011. So, with apologies to Dexter, Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy, it's time to kick off these awards below:

What was the year's best drama?

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THE GOOD wife rules all! Vampire diarys can't compare... either people need to open up their eyes or 13 year old girls are the ones who r voting..


I am just so glad that this poll has nothing to do with the Emmy's. The Good Wife is an excellent show and should have been on top of this poll. Vampire Diaries...really????


Matt Richenthal: Sorry for my 12 day delay response. Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration. :D


hello where is gossip girl ?????? !!!!! it was pretty dramatic this season if you ask me ? why isn't it on this list ?!


my vote went for NCIS....though, i feel that NCIS:LA should have been included as well....i agree, there SHOULD have been more shows listed in the poll. alisa


I like NCIS and Good Wife I think a lot of Teens are voting for this Gossip Girls isn't that great but they like it.
but we all have different opinion that's what makes this great


By your own argument, Kirkpatrick, you say that the bulk of these shows don't get to the carpet as best Drama. The other, more dramatic, shows do. Yet they weren't included. So, to extrapolate, the poll was just pandering to the audience and not based on the merit of the show. So again, for THE best Drama, the poll is not complete, or representative of the quality of the shows out there, and therefore is a bad poll.


Yes, Matt, it's true...Just like Pop encapsulates any sound that isn't Rock or Folk, but there are refinements there, isn't there? You've given a handful of shows, seemingly studiously avoiding anything that focuses on actual drama over the subsets. The two exceptions are Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife. You've decided to EXCLUDE dramas where the actual drama is the important part. Breaking Bad, Brothers and Sisters, 90210, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, or One Tree Hill, for instance. (Only one of the preceding shows do I watch, and I find the others odious, but others think differently) All of these are far more deserving of the actual title drama as they derive their "drama" from personal interaction over, say, being a vampire or a clever writer who solves crimes. Those would be examples of genres pieces and procedurals. Your poll says THE best DRAMA of 2010, 2011. Yet you decide to limit the scope to this handful. You don't include every drama, and have decided, apparently arbitrarily, that only these will be in contention. The poll is incomplete, and arbitrary, allowing no "Other" and asks for THE best of the season. Therefore, the poll sucks. That's my explanation.

Matt richenthal

@Piecar: Where are you getting your definition of "Drama" from? An hour-long series is considered a drama by any television standard.