2011 Emmy Awards: Who Was Snubbed?

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Nominations for the 2011 Emmy Awards were announced this morning, and there's excitement over surprising, deserving selections such as both leads from Friday Night Lights.

As usual, though, there's far more noise being made over who was NOT included. It's fruitless for us to complain about certain shows and stars because, let's face it, the Emmys are mostly a mainstream event. It will simply never recognize certain genres or networks. Best possible case in point: The Wire was never nominated in a single major category.

So we aren't campaigning below for The Vampire Diaries or Sons of Anarchy. Why waste the font? But there are changes we'd make among programs that we'd expect to be under consideration. See if you agree and remember: you can't add a snubbed star without saying who you'd replace...

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We share your confused, angry looks, Joel and Toni.

Category: Outstanding Drama
In: Justified
Out: Dexter
Dexter aired arguably its weakest season, while I wouldn't simply include Justified in this category, I'd considered it a possibility to win. Amazing work all around by nominees Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins and Margo Martindale.

Category: Outstanding Actress in a Drama
In: Anna Torv
Out: Kathy Bates
Of course Bates can act. But shouldn't the quality of the drama play some role here? Sorry, Harry's Law. Torv, conversely, stood out on Fringe's most suspenseful season to date.

Category: Outstanding Actress in a Comedy
In: Toni Collette
Out: Melissa McCarthy
I loved McCarthy's reaction when co-nomations presenter Joshua Jackson said her name this morning. But can anyone say with a straight face that she deserves this spot over Collette's portrayal on United States of Tara? Stealing scenes in Bridemaids, and being hilarious in this video, just make McCarthy buzz-worthy, not more talented.

Category: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy
In: Nick Offerman
Out: Chris Colfer
Colfer is more dramatic than comedic. Offerman? Come on.

Category: Outstanding Actor in a Comedy
In: Joel McHale
Out: Johnny Galecki
Let me say up front that I hope Steve Carell wins because his departure from The Office opened Michael Scott to previously unseen layers. This is no slight against Galecki. I just adore McHale and Community, which brings me to...

Category: Outstanding Comedy
In: Community
Out: Glee
It was a weak second season from Glee. Even the most loyal fans agree with that. And it's just sad when a show that takes as many risks as Community does on a weekly basis, while still delivering the laughs, isn't appreciated by those supposedly in the know.

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Agreed 100% on Toni Collette & Anna Torv. I probably would've included Katey Sagal as well but to each their own I guess. Also agree on Community over Glee.. I've watched every episode, and it's second season was weak compared to the amazing season that Community had.


Am I the only one that watches Flashpoint? Good actors and great action.


I agree Ana Torv,,community,katey segal,,,,community,,what about cougar town? love that they included Justified,,,,Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder did a great job 2.


And Kadee Strickland in Private Practice is Amazing


hell yeah! I totally agree about both community and joel mchale!


And what about KaDee Strickland's 'Charlotte King' in Private Practice?


Castle. Great 3rd season, with some wonderfull acting by all of it's talented cast members. :)


Holly, totally agree with you. the ensemble cast on Parenthood is stellar! the characters stories are interwoven like a tapestry, sometimes with a few threads missing or torn. such as life.
each one deserves an emmy and at least SOMEONE should have been nominated.
The show itself should be recognized in its own extraordinary category (drama/comedy/


Katey Sagal was amzing this year (as she is every year)and she deserves an emmy for that. The Golden Globes realized this.


AS usual, NCIS, nevermind #1 scripted show on tv.

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