90210 Season 4 Set Shots: Topless Teddy, Blindfolded Naomi, Smitten Annie

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There's been an onslaught of 90210 season four casting news over the last couple weeks. To wit: Kristina Apgar will recur as a love interest for Liam.

But the following set shots make it clear that old favorites will still be busy when this show returns in September. Below, we see one photo of Teddy on the beach (yes, he'll still show up occasionally); one of Naomi hitting a pinata (is that the action of a pregnant woman?); and one of Annie and a mystery man.

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Teddy Topless
Annie and a Mystery Man
Naomi on the Beach

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Exciting triangles? over Dixon? errr.. idk.. Not to me, i guess..


Too sad Max may not be in season 4, but glad Naomi's still there. Love annie's hair dark; she'll remind me more of Brenda that way. Hoping they lay off of trying to make Annie a Carrie(SATC) duplicate. No one wants to see that on 90210 & wow, just had a thought. A Silver/Dixon/Adrianna triangle would've been away more exciting than the stupid Navid/Silver/Ade one.


I heard that Max is also leaving? I'm so sad. :(


this makes me sad... why Teddy?? WHY!!?!?! and wow that guy with annie looks OLD!! is that the upperclassman with ulterior motives? so Naomi and Annie are officially still in the show. we still havent heard news of Ivy, Silver, and Adrianna.


Wait, isn't Naomi pregnant?


I'm sad that Teddy is going, but at least he's actually getting 5 episodes to finish off his character - that's very opposite of 90210 who normally write them out and they're never seen again.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.