90210 Season 4 Spoilers: The Role of Teddy, The Redemption of Adrianna and More!

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Patti Carr and Lara Olsen are now in charge of 90210.

The writers/producers have taken over for Rebecca Sinclair and, before the pair gets into some major season four scoopage, they have a message to deliver to fans: you'll be seeing plenty of Trevor Donovan this fall.

"I know there is sort of a technical difference in Trevor's deal but he's a major character for us," Carr tells TV Guide. "We love Teddy and we've got a really great story line for him.  

That storyline will involve Teddy coming out to his family. What else do Carr and Olsen have to say about season four? A LOT. Check out the following quotes/teases:

West Bev Graduation

The kids won't all be going to the same college, Carr says: "Our overall concept for the season is that when you graduate from high school you launch yourself into your new adult life. You go through a process of trying to figure out who you are, and ultimately, your friends are the people who know the real you and they become your family."

Teddy will not be dating Marco any longer.

Can Adrianna be redeemed? That will be a major focus early on, Carr previews: "When she comes into the premiere, she feels like the person she has to approach first is Silver. That is going to be more than a one-episode process. That's where she begins to realize that this is going to take longer than she thought. She's going to have to work harder for it. She spent her summer trying to be a good person, going out into the world and trying to redeem herself and show what a changed person she is."

Might Naomi NOT be pregnant?!? "We can say that we don't think of Naomi as a character who's a big liar, and we do know she has real feelings for Max," Carr mysteriously says.

Ivy and Raj will still be married when we next see them.

An outsider will play a role in Silver and Navid's relationship.

What about Liam and Annie? "When he returns, he has made a very interesting decision regarding his relationship with Annie, and it's definitely something viewers will be interested in," Carr says.

Read the full interview at TV Guide and then sound off in our 90210 forum: Which of these storylines are you most interested in?

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Sounds like Liam is all in for an open relationship?


I wonder what Teddy's story will be?


So glad Teddy is back. Looks like I'll be sticking around a bit longer too


I was hoping Nilver broke up over the summer. Rotten luck! Those two are so annoying. Any change is a welcome change. Excited for any Max/Naomi and Adrianna's redemption arc.

Gaby ee

I'm so bored of Annie and Liam... they need some more drama!


I just want Liam/Annie/Jeremy love triangle . Don't care for anyone else! I'm glad to hear spoiler on Lannie , it just confirmed Liam will propose Annie!


Judging by these spoilers, Adrianna's going to pwn season 4. Please break up Navid and Silver.


Finally! A spoiler on Adrianna! I've been waiting for so long to get one! Also, another surprise, the realism it'll take for things to get on track and not just be over in 1 or 2 episodes.
It'll be a shame to see Teddy go, but these new showrunners are giving him 5 episodes to say goodbye and not just booting him out with a lame text or mention from another character.
Nice to know that Annie and Liam will not just break-up. I agree with the new showrunners. 3 months is a long time to be apart from someone. You're bound to not feel the same way anymore.
Furthermore, MAX WILL BE BACK! And by the sounds of things, Naomi will most likely NOT be pregnant. I hope she is and they introduce abortion as a storyline. That'll be good.
Ivy and Raj? Silver and Navid? Who really cares!? Split Silver and Navid up already!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.