Ahead on True Blood: Werewolf Sex!

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Alcide made his return to True Blood on Sunday, disappointing fans for two reasons:

  1. He was wearing a shirt.
  2. He was back with Debbie.

In a new interview with TV Guide, though, Joe Manganiello delivers some encouraging news to his female admirers: "We do some werewolf sex this year for the first time."

Alcide with a Shirt

As for the men lusting after Sookie overall on season four, creator Alan Ball set up the love quadrangle as follows:

"The discovery that Sookie is still alive throws Alcide's world into turmoil... The spell has created an Eric that never would have existed before, and that is the person Sookie is falling for. They're both genuinely falling in love... Bill doesn't like it one bit. But eventually the clash between the witches and vampires is going to bring everyone together."

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Uncle jackass

The greatest problem with Alcide was his ability to drag Sookie along but still trying to be the good guy with Debbie (Choose a side and don't play games).


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When he says; "We do some werewolf sex this year for the first time.", does this mean two werewolves in human form or in werewolf form? Because I don't really wanna see two animals humping. :/

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Denise: You don't wanna be on my bad side.
Sookie: I'm not so sure you even have another side you no-account backwoods trash

You don't know me that well. My angry face and my happy face are the same.


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