Blake Lively as You've Never Seen Her Before!

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Blake Lively is far removed from the Upper East Side in this photo.

Sporting an assortment of new tattoos, including two butterflies and some bands on her arm, the 23-year-old star was seen in character on the set of Savages.

The Oliver Stone-directed film focuses on a pair of marijuana growers who face off against a Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

Here's Blake with her faux tattoos and boho-chic ensemble:

Blake Lively in character as a very different character than we're used to.

The actress is having a busy summer, promoting Green Lantern, filming Gossip Girl, dating Leonardo DiCaprio and also working on Savages with Stone.


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Gosh, her boobs is not fake!!


Yep, they are correct, she is out of character... she's not showing off her fake boobs!!!! BTW: it's time for Gossip Girl to swap out the photo on the home page, DELETE THAT TROLL VANESSA!!!!!


lmao true about vanessa- glad to see someone else despises her as i do

Saturday night living

Blake has been like that before in The Townie, true, and in Pippa Lee she did look kind of disheveled as well.
And that's not Vanessa - she'd never have landed a role in an Oliver Stone movie.


is that vanessa? lol


She looks different, but as beautiful as always!


Like we've never seen her before? Um remember when she was in 'The Town' ??


She looks kinda emaciated in this photo... :/

Saturday night living

Oliver Stone movie? Blake's doing well in the career department. And the looks one.

Uncle jackass

She'll always be Serena or Bridget from the Sisterhood to me, but it's not her fault.

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