Bruce Campbell Kicks Off Comic-Con: A Live Report

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The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

To hoots, hollers and cat calls, this is how Burn Notice kicked off Comic-Con 2011 festivities in Ballroom 20. Following a trailer for The Fall of Sam Axe, Bruce Campbell came out and delivered a monologue funnier than anything Jay Leno has ever uttered.

"Burn Notice will be back for season six, and, yes, there will an Evil Dead remake. Now shut up about it!" the actor joked.


From there, Campbell and creator Matt Nix delivered a comedy routine that had the audience cracking up for an hour. Among the actual tidbits passed along:

  • It was a challenge to film the Sam Axe prequel in Bogota because it's illegal to import gun powder there.
  • How did Campbell prepare for the role in the movie? Easy: he dyed his hair and lost some weight. Presto! Sam Axe five years ago.
  • Why was the film even more light than a typical Burn Notice episode? "It's not a Bruce Campbell movie unless it's fun," Nix said. "No one wants to see Sam cry."
  • Star Jeffrey Donovan really wanted to be here, Campbell said. But he's a busy man. "I just need to write Michael out of an entire episode," Nix said about Donovan showing up next year.
  • How did Nix react when a network executive suggested Campbell for Sam? "Dude, be serious!"
  • So, why did Campbell agree to the role? It's a spy show with a "human side," he said.

Burn Notice airs a new episode tonight. Return to TV Fanatic as soon as it concludes for a complete rundown.

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