Ed Westwick Muses on Future of Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

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In a recent sit-down with CNN, Ed Westwick talked about the future of Gossip Girl, which kicks off its fifth season this fall, and how things might play out for the CW hit.

Ed also shared his thoughts for how he'd like to see the show - and his character's journey - conclude. The 24-year-old had some interesting ideas for his alter ego.

Check out CNN's interview with the charming British actor here:

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Gaby ee

I'm still hoping for some Dair...

Still love chuck

I just love Ed... he is so charming. His idea is interesting, but Chuck has already come close to losing his hotel and Bass Industries. I am hoping he doesn't lose Blair, but it does seem like they will lose their baby. I'm excited to see what will happen this season.


love ed's idea :) the writers seem to manage to show us the worst in chuck ... for once i'd like to see the good qualities we all know chuck bass has .. any ending in which chuck and blair end up together works for me, his shows some good honest qualities though that will benefit the show ... xoxo


OMG... When Blair is getting ready to marry the Prince, Chuck will find out about the baby, go to the church (in a limo) and stop her. They have to let Chuck and Blair have a real relationship, no games, he lets her shine and she lets him feel loved. (end scene)

Uncle jackass

Having no idea when the series will end, then the purpose of the writers should be to invest in interesting story arcs and plots to 1.) increase Nielson Ratings 2.) to improve PVR and DVD sales 3.) to give actors like Ed Westwick a sense of purpose to broaden their acting horizons. Given how badly the writers have treated him you would think he would want this season to be the last. After all he's been: punched 3 times by Dan Humphrey, he's been aggressive/possessive towards women, depicted as a sexual predator, shot in the guts, been publicly & allegedly declared insane, as no caring family members, and he's punched his own glass window which caused some controversy. In the books, Chuck is played as the main antagonist (much like the series) until he's father sends him to go to military school at which point he disappears (like between Season 3-4). But then the character doesn't redeem himself at all during season 4! lol At least Ed's point about losing all his money gives some credit to the fact that he knows what's a redeeming quality to eventually marry Blair, but the producers have no idea!!


Blair´s got to end up with Chuck people (the wedding! my Gosh!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Serena with Nate, and Dan I don´t care LOL!


Love Ed.
Wish Blair and Chuck never get back together. SO boring. Not to mention predictable.


aww that would be an ending:)


got to love ed.


@blairwipesserena and brulionbeben: if you go to the forums of this site you'll find many who want Nate with Jenny, there is a thread for them in the general discussion forum and I know that there is also people in the CB and DS threads that support NJ.

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