Filming Begins on Gossip Girl!

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The always-lovely Leighton Meester looked retro and ravishing in a lemon-printed dress while shooting the new season of Gossip Girl in New York Thursday.

With her was Roxane Mesquida, who was recently cast as Louis' sister.

It's been reported that the royal character played by the French actress and model will not be pleased with Blair and Louis' engagement. What she does about it remains to be seen.

We'll probably have to wait awhile for that, but it's being set up as one of the big story lines in season five (the arrival of Elizabeth Hurley's character is another).

On this very hot day in New York, we're just starting out ...

Leighton and Roxane

An early look at Blair and her newest nemesis.

After scenes of running around in high heels in the heat, the ladies gave their feet a rest by donning flip flops as they chowed down on pretzels with mustard.

We'll post more shots from the set as we come across them all summer!

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Love Leighton's outfit hair and lipstick!! Freaking gorgeous!!


@ uncle jackass oh yeah trueeee @ tash yeah I know yeah I think it is Blair but like I don't want it to be because that would suck, hope that it's just a scheme and not true, but if it is true hope it's serena's so she can finally learn how to
be mature. But still hope it's a scheme no babymamas thanks lol


I doubt Ivy or Georgina would have planned a pregnancy test, incase that's what you're getting at. But I do think they're up to something! However in the case of the pregnancy, they're not going to reveal that, but I think Blair is the babymama!!!


I THINK Blair's lipstick is Revlon Orange Flip.


Does anyone know where can I learn filming locations of gossip girl??

Uncle jackass

@marco I also thought that too, but chronologically, Ivy/Charlie & Georgina schemes would occur after Ivy decided to rejoin the UES & the pregnancy tests weren't found by Dorota.


why do you want Blair to have a child with Chuck, if this happens this will be the last season of GG. So Blair will have two babies to raise, Chuck and what the baby will be named. NO thank you of that crap.......


no duh , they're not going to reveal who's pregnant. When did they found out it wasn't Dan's baby again? 2nd or 3rd episode? and why do I have a feeling that this has something to do with Ivy/Charlie and Georgina written all over it?


Sister looks very sweet. Wonder how evil she will get?
Anyway, Leighton is as breath-taking as ever!! :D


@Cameron She does! And she really doesn't own the pale look like Michelle can.

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