Filming Begins on Gossip Girl!

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The always-lovely Leighton Meester looked retro and ravishing in a lemon-printed dress while shooting the new season of Gossip Girl in New York Thursday.

With her was Roxane Mesquida, who was recently cast as Louis' sister.

It's been reported that the royal character played by the French actress and model will not be pleased with Blair and Louis' engagement. What she does about it remains to be seen.

We'll probably have to wait awhile for that, but it's being set up as one of the big story lines in season five (the arrival of Elizabeth Hurley's character is another).

On this very hot day in New York, we're just starting out ...

Leighton and Roxane

An early look at Blair and her newest nemesis.

After scenes of running around in high heels in the heat, the ladies gave their feet a rest by donning flip flops as they chowed down on pretzels with mustard.

We'll post more shots from the set as we come across them all summer!

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Mesquida looks so pale.


It is much more enterteining to see Finn and Rachel in Glee
Finn and Rachel are indeed an epic couple
Finn and Rachel in New York lived a real fairy tale So if they want to see a real epic couple or a fairy tale they see Finn and Rachel in Glee
Since they destroyed Chuck and Blair Gossip Girl is very boring


LOVE Blair's shoes!!! O.O


Love Blairs outfit and lipstick color!


Boy I'm glad that Blair won't be donning bangs; I was worried about that. You can definetly tell they're trying to hide them. Is this her permanent hair do since she needs bangs for her other show (or is it a movie?) I myself am doing the same with my hair as I'm growing out my bangs.

Uncle jackass

Good thing that Blair's not pregnant... in some retrospect it would destroy the Blair character in her ability to accomplish any of her dreams. And in some ways it would just be forced in why Chuck and Blair reunite. It's best to just keep redeeming Chuck's character to the point where he's back on form at the end of Season 2.


For in another place I saw some pictures where Blair is eating candy while it is the sister of Louis
And that may mean a craving for Blair or maybe not
I wait that yes because I would like that Blair had a baby


If Blair or Serena or whoever you are pregnant on Gossip Girl is not going to reveal in the first episode
Obviously they will keep secret for several episodes
It would be ridiculous that Blair was appearing in the first episode with a paunch of pregnancy
It is necessary to expect to see that em Gossip Girl happens. But this does not want to say that Blair should not be pregnant
And though Blair is not pregnant I hope that it returns with Chuck because it is his real love


I prefer seeing Finn and Rachel in Glee. Because Finn and Rachel de Glee are much more epic than any couple of Gossip Girl


Been waiting all summer long for this day.....looking forward to see how Chuck and Blair will get back together, also waiting to see the fashion show, the interior, the lighting everything. Yeah.

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