Gossip Girl Caption Contest 162

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Welcome to the 162nd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is kittiwitti. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to queenbee94, Penelope88 and Xoxo.D.Bass. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week!

Old School GG

Serena: Call me Charlie.
Dan: What?

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Serena : You know, you're really cute. Remind me again why we're not together? Dan : Well because you broke my heart by not choosing between me and Nate and also we share a half brother and are stepbrother and sister and I am in love with your best friend but also am attracted to your fake cousin. Serena : So? It's not like we've never hooked up before at totally inappropriate times. Dan : True.


Serena: I'm hot, blonde, rich, hot, famous, single, hot, well-known, amazing, hot, gorgeous, and a bombshell. Oh, did I mention I'm hot?


Dan: You suddenly look a lot like Kate Hudson.
Serena: But you're falling for me anyway, right? Right?!


Dan: Why are you smiling?
Serena: its for a proactive commercial


Dan: Wow, this is sooo weird! I feel like I've already seen this scene before, like...Déjà vu, right?
Serena: No Dan, these are called reruns!


dan:did you have to invite blair over?because if she starts with those cutting remarks of her again her hair might accidentally catch a fire!!!
serena:you two will neve get along will you??i guess i will never have to worry for you being seduced by blair's UES charm...
dan:like that could happen!!!


Dan: Call me Leo.
Serena: What?


That one made me LOL for real :D


Serena: Do I have anything in my teeth?


Penn: Call me Sideshow Bob
Blake: Then call me Glen Guagmire

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Gossip Girl Quotes

Blair: I've never been Bette Davis before. I'm Audrey Hepburn! Not some plain baby Jane.
Chuck: We both know this is about NYU. Now it may take time, but one day you will hold that school in the palm [kiss] of your dainty hand.
Blair: I'm Audrey. I'm Audrey!

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