Gossip Girl Caption Contest 163

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Welcome to the 163rd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Cameron. A job well done!

The winning entry appears beneath the photo. Honorable mentions go to canyoufeelthelove, marilyn and Jones. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week ...

Poor Nathaniel

Nate: I just can't believe it ...
Serena: Well, at least you passed one test in your life, that's more than I can say.

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Nate: To do list: Pick up eye liner, hair products and a new wardrobe to impress Serena


Nate: Just came out of gym and no sweat, I'm that good of an actor


Nate: I'm a work of art!


Nate: I love pie


Nate: ...well this place looks familiar


I told my dad to stop lending me his steroids...


Nate: *...How am i supposed to get home now?...*


Nate: *This definitely changes things*


Nate: I can't believe I don't have STDs after sleeping with over twenty woman!
Nurse: Thats a freakin miracle.


Blair: Nate, you don't take me to a student health center to get an ultrasound.
Nate: But you're a student in need of health services!
Blair: A) i am so glad you aren't my baby daddy and B) you're probably the most dumb blonde on this planet.
Nate: HEY!

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