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Nate: I can't believe it I'm biologically a girl!


Gossip Girl: How much make up do you have Natey poo? It is way more than Blair Waldorf.


Chace I am so not useless
Producer: We are only keeping you here because of your smile


Nate: I hope nobody notices that I have an erection. (thats the first i see on this pick look at his pants ;)


Nate : What do you mean I'm useless? Look at my hair! It's so shiny!


Nate looking confused as always: what does Health mean?


Nate: I must be extra careful. GG fans must not find out I am the one who is pregnant before the summer is over. I wonder if Armani has maternity shirts.


Nate: I started as the main lead of GG and ended up as a glorified extra.I started as the almost-virgin boyfriend of Blair and ended up as the manwhore of the class. Oh Lord , where would all this lead?

A loud booming voice: To the student Health center.


Nate: (to a random person) Hey, excuse me! Do you know where the Student Health Center is?
Person: Yes, if you walk on this road in 10 miles and then you turn left, you will be there.
Nate : Okay, thanks!
Person: (thinking) Was he retarded? Well, I hope he doesnt forget the compass next time.


i have been in this place too many times for one man

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