Gossip Girl Caption Contest 164

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Welcome to the 164th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is queenbee94. Congrats!

Honorable mentions go out to Amie and Aquariuz. The winning entry now appears beneath the photo. Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck next week!


Blair: Wow, Jenny is flashing us. Again.
Lily: I can't believe this, I mean she's my stepdaughter!
Serena: She's my stepsister!
Nate: I hooked up with her!
Aaron: ... My friend has nude pictures of her.

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watching Rufus, Dan, Vanessa, Jenny and Chuck dance Lily: omg, look how good they are. Blair: I never would have thought that Chuck would really join the Brooklyn Bouncers like he threatened to do. Nate: Don't worry guys, we will always be America's Best Dance Crew. The Black UES Mambas never lose! NEVER ! Serena: Yeah, I already slept with all the judges. Cece: and I bribed them. Aaron: They should be disqualified for letting a racoon on their team...


Serena: I'm Narcissa Malfoy
Lily: I'm Bellatrix
Blair: I'm Hermione
Nate: I'm the pretty version of Harry Potter


Serena: Wow, Voldemort gives awkward hugs.


Serena: We are the Dementers of the Upper East Side!


Serena: Who's hand is that?!?!?
Aaron: Sorry Serena.
Nate: Yeah sorry Serena.
Blair: Sorry S.


"Ben," Serena glares
"So S is he the one from boarding school?" Nate asks
"Nate shut up we are doing the glaring thing," S said
"Oh right," Nate closes his mouth and turns back to glare


Look we can do it just like those Cullen people from Twilight. Now we just have to wait for the Vultori


Blair: I can't believe Dan killed Vanessa for releasing his novel.
Serena: *looks at Aaron* Wait, you're not Vanessa?


Blair: okay guys, if we all just stand really still and show no emotion.. maybe we can look like statues or something and Vanessa will be dumb enough not to notice us..
Nate: okay, no emotion, i'm really good at that.
Cece: no it's too late.. she's looking.
Serena: could of fooled me!


Amanda (from Ugly Betty) : Black Funeral ? I guess I didn't get the memo ...
Blair : Is she desperate ?

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