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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 268

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Welcome to the 268th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Allie. Congrats and well done.

The winning entry appears now beneath the picture. Honorable mentions go out to singer07 and me. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck next time!

Teddy Pic

Teddy: I love you and I want you... I'm just not sure I want to keep up the health insurance for you.
Henry: I... I should get back in bed.

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    Teddy: I love you and I want you...I'm just not sure I want to keep up health insurance for you.
    Henry: I...I should get back in bed.


    Teddy: Wanna lock the door?
    Henry: Wanna get rid of the really old guy behind the curtain first?


    Teddy: Kiss me.
    Henry: No.


    @ me
    haha so funny!


    Henry: I'd sweep you off your feet... but then I'd have to go to the gym.


    Henry: We should draw the blinds before we proceed any further....


    henry: i have a boner
    teddy: me too...


    Teddy: Guess what? I found another wife for you who has WAY better health insurance.


    Teddy: Yep now we are getting a divorce so bya.

    Henry: Meh I dont need her just health insurance


    Teddy: I want you to know that while I am falling deeply and madly in love with you, I don't forgive you for appearing on Scrubs first. Don't think I didn't watch the competition.
    Henry: Aw well... Wait. What?


    Teddy: I know what you are
    Henry: Say it. Out loud.
    Teddy: Happy, to se me!

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