Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Scoop: Five Days Later ...

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The summer hiatus seems like an eternity for fans, but the characters of Grey's Anatomy will pick up much sooner, according to shot-caller Shonda Rhimes.

When Grey’s Anatomy opens its eighth season September 22, only five days will have passed since the Season 7 finale and MerDer’s emotional falling out.

“We only pick up five days after the finale ended,” Rhimes tells TV Line, adding that, “[Story-wise] we pick up pretty much where we left off [in Season 7].”

Still the Best

That means Derek and Meredith are far from resolving this major marital crisis, which has been complicated tenfold by baby Zola's introduction into their lives.

“Meredith and Derek have a lot of things to work out,” Rhimes says.

Things are complicated on every level because, “They have a personal relationship, they have a parenting relationship, and they have a work relationship.”

Elsewhere, Cristina has yet to act on her decision re: pregnancy.

“Five days later and she still hasn’t gone and done it - why hasn’t she and what’s going on with her?” Rhimes muses, then adds this intriguing teaser.

“The old Cristina would’ve had the abortion [already].”

Does that mean she'll back off and actually have the baby, to Owen's delight? Or will she follow through with the controversial decision before our eyes?

Either way, we'll find out soon: “By the end of the season premiere she has made her decision,” Rhimes says, “and it’s pretty set in stone what’s going to happen.”

What do you think she'll do? Will Derek and Meredith reconcile? Sound off on these Grey's Anatomy Season 8 spoilers and all other topics below ...

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If (or when) Meredith die Cristina could pick up Zola and raise
her.That will be painful,wonderful and unexpected. For now Cristina could lose her baby because of that moving (or enlarging) sinkhole.
Hope that we will get more GA news soon.


I don't really hope Christina keep the baby because this is absolutely not her style.If she say don't want then just abort it please Shonda and most important is will this mean Meredith won't get pregnant again in this season if Christina keep the baby right?Haha...actually a bit dissapointed because just 5 days past...I really hope a big timejump....


I still wanna see MerDer have their own baby, too. That would be unexpected for them, yeah? But awesome, too. And I don't think that Cristina will keep baby. She should, because she might be a totally different person with a kid. But admittedly some people aren't meant to have kids, and Cristina is definitely on that track. Bring on season 8 already I can't wait :)


I hope the old Cristina is still there >_<
She needs to follow through the decision she made!


I think she should have the abortion. She clearly doesnt want it and anything else would be fake. But i think this could also bring some drama for Calzona. I mean Owen could be lamenting that his wife who is supposed to love him just got rid of thier child but Callie willingly has Mark Sloans baby even though it would or could have cost her Arizona. I find that very ironic and telling.


Let's not have another baby shall we. I love the old cristina that was funny, truthful, smart ass remarks, caring, sneeky. We don't need another baby drama on this show. I'm also worry about Callie and Arizona and their personalities. We don't want them fading in the back ground. And as far as Derek and Mer, boring. LP


is cristina has a baby it will be the most BORING season ever. that would mean that every major couple is revolving around the baby. and i'm sorry, but cristina doesn't want to be a parent. it doesn't make her a horrible person, but it does mean she should probably reconsider the type of birth control she uses.dont worry, merder will be back together, derek isn't going to leave her with the baby. this is derek we're talking about after all


Cristina will keep the baby, but most likely resent it due to being forced to keep it or end her marriage with Owen.


Been musing over the twisted mashed up teasers all weekend so this is what i've come up with.
Only 5 days has passed since the blowup, Der probably hasn't checked his phone messages (bad doctor you should always answering your messages what if it was important) being a nurse i know how frustrating it is when the doc don't answer your call. Agree with @tvgirl101 he doesn't know about Zola yet and i think the tweet JCap put out last week 2 scenes with the one and only Mr Patrick Dempsey was a teaser Arizona is the one to break the good news. Probably asks how Zola is, and he can't answer cos he don't know. Remember Mer is on a 1 week suspension so hello she's not working if only 5 days have passed.
So really think end of the double we will see Derek arrive home and he better have a whooping big apology ready.
In those 5 days Mer and Zola have really bonded like any mother/daughter and we see the rising of the new adult Mer.
As for Cristina not having the abortion yet, maybe she had to wait for an appointment time can't just walk into an office these days and have it done unless your seeing a butcher lol. If anyone is going to get a divorce i think it's Owen and Cristina heading for the divorce court, not Mer/Der like Courtney mentioned.
Now the Mer/Der riddle painful, unexpected, wonderful Painful = Strained work relationship's
Unexpected = Derek comes home, Mer thought she lost him
Wonderful = They get full custody of Zola


I think merder divorce... It's Patricks final season with greys.

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