Lauren German to Play New Agent on Hawaii Five-O

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Hawaii Five-O has found a new regular cast member, as well as a potential love interest for Steve McGartett.

As first reported by TV Line, Lauren German (Happy Town, Human Target) has been named a major player on the CBS hit. She'll come on board this fall as a former Homeland Security Officer chosen by the new governor to join our favorite task force.

Lauren German Pic

German's character will keep an eye on the squad for the government, and also light up a few sparks with McGarrett.

Hawaii Five-O has been on quite the casting run. Over the last few weeks, it's named Richard T. Jones as that governor; Terry O’Quinn as McGarrett’s Navy SEAL trainer; and Tom Sizemore as an Internal Affairs agent.

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My last comment was to Brian


Alex O’loughlin is the best of H5-0, he’s a great actor. He was brilliant especially in the last few episodes and proved his ability as an actor in expressing strong human emotions


this show is sooo gay!!!'s really a shame too, beacuse i was such a huge fan of the original. (ok, that series had some bad acting too but it was jack lord and the 70's...). this new series had so much potential, but leave it up to cbs to roayally screw something like this up! they should have just named it "csi honolulu", or "mauka and makai island justice league".


it may sound weird but i would have liked Kono and Steve to be together..just my thought


Well I honestly liked Jenna so it's interesting to see the different opinions we all have in relation to her. I thought the scenes between Steve and her were quite promising so I am excited to see how Lauren's character will fit into all of it.


Honestly I don't think she is gone. I don't like her either. I think this chick is just another ditty one added. Grace Park, so far is the only girl worth watching.


I totally agree with colin baileys comments I couldn't understand either I find this happens with a lot of american actresses.


I hope the next series features female charactures that can be understood. In the first series I could only understand 50% of the words spoken due to in tne main the speed at which they spoke. Even whatching the text it was hard t0o follow.
I had no problem =with the male charactures.


As long as 'Alex Mac' is gone, I'll be happy. She was terrible and her character motivations seemed contrived.